Dear Editor:

I live in Eagle River and have had all four my children graduate from Northland Pines High School. I have been on the Human Growth and Development Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee as a community member since 2014. There are two main concerns that I wish to raise.

First, I am concerned about how the students who want to discuss their sexuality with someone other than their parents are directed. This is a “Pandora’s box” as many people loudly exclaimed at the last meeting. Since not everyone believes in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning (LGBTQ) agenda nor their mental health counselors. This brings into question 1. The rights of the parents; 2. The welfare of the child; 3. The role of the school (government). As listed is the correct, legal and traditional order.

1. The parent is the guardian of the child (student) and directs all aspects of the child . . . legally.

2. The welfare of the child is important but not to the enforcement of ideologies, or LGBTQ agendas.

3. The role of school and government is last in keeping with the U.S. Constitution.

If you alter this order, society fails and the welfare of all children is in jeopardy.

Secondly, we must acknowledge that not everyone believes these behaviors and/or feelings should be normalized nor considered as healthy lifestyles. This includes transgenders, homosexuality, promiscuity, orgies, animal people, gender fluidity, pedophilia, etc.

There is a majority who believes these behaviors are a dysphoria and these families need to have their own mental health counselors involved in our schools. We are not a one-way mental health-care system as much as this ideology is trying to enforce their agenda on everyone.

When outside assistance is needed for children with concerns or problems the school may direct the family to the appropriate resource based on the family beliefs. This is an issue that exists as well and the school must know its role and not take on authority it does not have no matter how benevolent it may seem.

A diverse list of resources needs to be developed. Family pastors, Christian counselors and their mental health- care choices need to be in this list for resources. Otherwise it becomes indoctrination into the LGBTQ agendas that not everyone believes nor is common sense. There will always be problems but they must be handled correctly within the proper roles. Special interest groups have their place in the clubs that are held as optional on campus in keeping with our laws.

This is where the LGBTQ agenda is divisive. It rearranges the roles and discriminates against other religions. Having our school board vote to acknowledge that LGBTQ individuals exist is the first step in their agenda. Next it will be to normalize the behavior. Which leads to the argument as to whether this is acceptable behavior. Societies that have embraced this behavior have collapsed and are currently collapsing around us.

We choose what we accept or we get what we tolerate. If we choose the slippery slope, then we will destroy our community through division and segregation. We must defend what is right and protect the children from potential predators, as statistics reveal, that LGBTQ agendas promote and support.

The school must protect our children from these harmful agendas and must explore all avenues that keep our curriculum safe. We want our community to stay strong and healthy for our children.

Amy Hartwig

Eagle River