Letter to the Editor: 

The Vilas County Board of Supervisors’ request for seasonal homeowners to stay away from their Vilas County homes is a drastic overreaction to the COVID-19 crisis. 

While it is imperative to take every reasonable precaution to stop the spread of this vicious killer, this action by the board is far beyond the reasonable level.

Seasonal homeowners are generally retired people who are at the greatest risk from this virus. It is inconceivable that any of us would travel to the North Woods if we had been exposed to the virus or had symptoms of the virus.

My family has been coming to Eagle River since 1899 and I have enjoyed our seasonal home on Anvil Lake all my life. During that time, full-time residents of the North Woods have been gracious and warm in welcoming seasonal residents and tourists to this beautiful area. I don’t believe the recommendation of the county board for seasonal homeowners to stay away is representative of the people of Vilas County.

It also is curious that the county board did not include tourists in their recommendation to stay away. While this is not a time that large numbers of tourists generally visit the area, tourists tend to be younger than seasonal homeowners and therefore would have more social contacts.

I urge the county board to rescind this unreasonable recommendation to seasonal homeowners. Urging common sense and every precaution would be far better advice.

Ben Gumm

North Berwick, Maine