Letter to the Editor:

I finally got around to reading the March 31 copy of The Three Lakes News.

I was struck by the letter to the editor from Teresa Dorn that gets to the heart of the Black Lives Matter divide.

The example given of a man who worked hard and “earned” and deserved what he accomplished is admirable. Of course he did. But he had no one actively preventing him from earning. 

Had he been Black, his life would have been different in his childhood to his military service to his jobs and ability to earn a living and retirement. There was no one to prevent him from succeeding and if he had succeeded, there was no one to kill him for it.

And that is the larger reference of Black Lives Matter; there are those who are prevented from succeeding and killed if they do. 

As an example of this truth, I reference the April issue of Smithsonian, the cover story; or just Google “Tulsa/Greenwood.”

The man in the original example was born only a few years after that atrocity, yet he and his family were not prevented from being successful. 

It should not be a privilege to just be able to earn and deserve, but it is.

Thomas Flanders

Hoffman Estates, Ill.