Dear Editor:

As a lifelong resident in one form or another in Eagle River, and subscriber to your newspaper, I’d like to suggest elimination of any and all letters to the editor that some of your readers feel compelled to write in regard to political fighting and arguing. 

As well, do away with the articles from your political guest authors that are also all politics. You could drop all of their diatribes that no one really cares about except themselves, and maybe publish more of Kurt Krueger’s wildlife photography, or submissions of photos from readers — things that would put us in a happy place instead of listening to a bunch of political hacks and their incessant whining (both sides of the aisle). 

We all get enough of that stuff 24/7 in every other version of our lives. 

Make the last two pages of the News-Review something that’s positive; maybe your subscription rates would go up along with the happiness of the readers! 

I subscribe to your publication for relevant local news, not to listen to these clowns bicker back and forth all the time. Save us, please.

Patrick Doyle

Fond du Lac and Eagle River