Letter to the Editor:

Tom Tiffany has made it clear throughout his congressional campaign that he is glomming onto the coattails of the president.

For those who are looking for civility and the end of chaos, this should be extremely troubling. The current dysfunction of President Donald Trump’s administration from the denial, misinformation, mixed messages, mishandling of the pandemic, the constant turnover of personnel in key government positions, and his current efforts to totally dismantle the Affordable Health Care Plan in the middle of a health care crisis. 

Now, we all know the Affordable Health Care Plan is an imperfect system in large part because of this administration's sabotage of this plan. However, it is the only plan that provides health care for those with preexisting conditions. 

Famously, in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, Tiffany, former Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin legislature promised that they would never jeopardize preexisting conditions and they have a plan. But after the election was over, no plan was forthcoming from the state legislature on protection of preexisting conditions. 

This same state legislature, Tiffany and the Trump administration are on record as opposing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and in support of the court striking down this law as unconstitutional. So in spite of all the happy talk over the years, Trump, Tiffany, the state legislature and the U.S. Republican Senate have no plan of their own other than dismantling what little protections citizens currently have. 

Make no mistake, the election of Tom Tiffany to the House of Representatives will be an assault on the protection of preexisting conditions. While many Republican states are strengthening the ACA by expanding Medicaid, Tiffany is trying to repeal it. 

Tiffany has even called for the withdrawal of federal funds for school districts that don’t have in-person instruction, taking away the right of officials and parents in deciding based on local conditions. 

Also, it is important to note, the contraction of COVID-19 will be classified by insurance companies as a preexisting condition. 

Call Tom Tiffany. Ask him what his plan is. All he will say is he wants to get rid of the ACA. There is no plan, other than dismantlement. 

I guess that is what makes him and Donald Trump so compatible. No plan; only dismantlement of preexisting condition protection and obstruction.

The 7th Congressional District needs an independent and thoughtful leader, not a Trump sycophant. Vote for Tricia Zunker, a thoughtful, independent voice in Washington who will protect coverage for preexisting conditions. 

Mike Gerlach