Letter to the Editor:

Instead of compromising with our president to improve legislation and policy for the betterment of our nation, congressional Democrats are wasting time on the baseless witch hunt to impeach President Donald Trump. 

While we could be working together to address the rising cost of health care, creating an investment plan for America’s crumbling infrastructure or fixing our broken immigration system, Democrats chose to waste $35 million taxpayer dollars, interviewed more than 500 witnesses and issued 3,000 subpoenas in an attempt to prove Russia assisted in electing Trump.

July 24, Democrats were continuing with their motive of presidential harassment by calling Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify before the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees. Not only did this testimony waste more time and money, but Democrats have already admitted that they didn’t expect Mueller to come forth with any new, helpful information.

Although 0% of voters see the Russia investigation as the most important issue heading into 2020, many in the mainstream media continue to obsess over the investigation. The Washington Post, New York Times and CNN collectively published roughly 4,000 stories on the Mueller investigation alone. These outlets prioritized the Mueller investigation over historic achievements like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

It is clear that Democrats are more focused on painting Trump and the Trump campaign in a negative light than focusing on issues that really matter to the American people like immigration reform, health care and infrastructure.

It’s time for Democrats to accept that the Mueller Report fully exonerated Trump and his campaign from any attempts at collusion or obstruction and to end their fruitless witch hunt against Trump.

Carol Cady

Arbor Vitae