Letter to the Editor:

I have always given Congressman Tom Tiffany a pass when I read the drivel and boiler plate that his reports to voters contain. It is politics as usual in the post-Trump era. 

For the most part, they are handouts from the Republican Party describing the nefarious conduct and dangerous bills the  Democratic majority in the House has passed and how they are sending the country to hell in a hand basket.

But the most recent of his missives had an egregious lie that cannot go unanswered. Tiffany stated that to admit Washington,  D.C., to the Union as a state requires a constitutional amendment. That is a lie.

In Article 14, Section 3, the Constitution states: “New states may be admitted by Congress to the Union.” There is nothing written there that says an amendment to the Constitution is needed to admit a region to the Union. 

Tiffany violated his oath to defend the laws and the Constitution when he joined over 120 fellow Republican House members to vote against legally- certified election results making Joe Biden president of the United States. Now he has added to his list of offenses to the Constitution by lying about what is written there. 

Edward B. Blau