Dear Editor:

I commend the Three Lakes Sanitary District board for putting together a way to secure a grant to cover a huge portion of the new sewage treatment plant reconstruction cost, along with a portion of some new and improved sewer and water lines on the west side of town.

Achieving a grant for over 80% of the $5-plus million project is a miracle in my opinion. Unfortunately, there is still a $1 million loan at 0% interest that has to be paid back.

The brunt of this loan pay back is to be placed on the Three Lakes commercial business’s that use the sewer and water. Those charges have skyrocketed about 400%, enough to literally bring businesses to their knees asking for help.

Fortunately, the Three Lakes Town Board has wrestled with attempting to come up with some cash, within the budget, to help offset the higher-than-high cost of sewer fees the sanitary district has imposed on Three Lakes commercial customers. Which is where we come to this unfortunate quote.

“The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.”

Recently, the town of Three Lakes approved a budget which included giving the airport $115,000 for airport improvements. What those improvements are is yet to be determined. It could be for a fueling system for planes, a fence around the airport, a new airport lighting system, an instrument landing approach system, land acquisitions, extending the runway to 4,000 feet, snow plowing equipment to plow the runway, a new terminal building, and the wish list goes on. 

Or perhaps it could be for something sensible like maintaining what they have. How can one truly know what is needed when there are so many things to wish for?

I would be willing to guess the $300 per year hanger lease, times 11 hangers, is not enough to cover the electric bill at the airport, yet helps pay for major airport improvements that are a priority.

So in summary, the town of Three Lakes is willing to sacrifice losing multiple businesses within the sanitary district for the needs of a few airplane enthusiasts to fulfill a truly unrealistic wish list.

Unlike other organizations, the airport becomes dependent on tax money for improvements. Why? Because for some reason they do what? Create jobs? Perhaps it’s time for the town board to recognize what their priorities should be.


Lionel Kliss

Three Lakes