Letter to the Editor:

President Trump boasts that our economy is “booming.” He’s right. As the stock market soars, the wealthy bathe in profits. Eighty-one percent of those who invest in the stock market are the rich.

For the great majority of Americans, with just enough money to cover house payments, food and clothing, the stock market, like the stars, remains out of reach.

Donald Trump boasts about tax cuts he made to corporate America, promising that those cuts would benefit our economy. Once again, President Trump was right. Although his tax cuts will add $1.9 trillion to America’s budget deficit by 2027, corporate America is reaping tremendous profits — profits that allow them to invest more and more money in our surging stock market.

What about the hardworking men and women responsible for the profits seen by corporate America? Are employees reaping the benefits from Donald Trump’s tax cuts? The answer is no.

In 2019, 130 million workers in America earned less than $20 an hour. Eighteen million workers earned less than $10 an hour. Nearly half of all workers in America earned less than $30,000 a year.

President Trump is preparing to spend $1.3 billion annually to protect America’s interests in space.

We need to tell him to stop; divert his attention from the stars and focus on ways to improve the lives of America’s workers on the ground.

Mary Hoeft

Rice Lake