Letter to the Editor:

I will be voting for Donald Trump. Why, you ask, would anyone in their right mind vote for this seemingly disruptive person?

I am a Christian. I believe the Bible is the true word of God. Does Donald Trump look like a Christian, act like a Christian, talk like a Christian? No he doesn’t. Is he a Christian? I don’t believe so, but my opinion on that matter does not matter. It’s between him and God.

But, he supports many biblical values and that is important to me. He also is following through with programs that are important for the health, safety, strength and longevity of the United States.

The actions he has taken to reduce the influence and power foreign countries and world organizations have over us will be good for our future. He strives to bring industry back to the United States. He supports Israel. Bible prophesy favors Israel and our support may be playing an important role.

He is working to make immigration something the United States controls rather than whoever can make it across the border. He does not believe we should rush into an all-electric world within the next 10 years, as do supporters of the Green New Deal. He favors letting the growing electric alternative to fossil fuels happen naturally and efficiently as the technology develops. 

He stands for religious freedom. He believes everyone should be considered as the sex they were born with. He stands against a woman’s right to choose (death). He believes we should work for what we get and no free college, debt forgiveness or good wage for those not working. He does not support nationalized health care. He supports educational alternatives to public school. He values people for their abilities rather than for their victim status, or other multitude of special circumstances they may claim. He believes in a strong and innovative military. He believes the law should be used as written.

I don’t know if Donald Trump really believes all these things. He may just stand on these principles to get the vote. It doesn’t matter. These are all excellent values that can carry our country for a long time to come, whatever his motive.

David C. Harris

Eagle River