Dear Editor:

Some thoughts on our immigration impasse came to me the other day. I don’t know if the ideas birthed during a restless night sleep or a near-spiritual experience in the outhouse, but they’re profound nevertheless.

Even if you’re not a God follower, shouldn’t we at least consider how He operates His domain in heaven and how immigrants get in?

From my understanding of the Bible, in regard to heaven, all are welcome. Anyone who truly asks, seeks and knocks can get in. In fact, entrance is so easy that even a child can figure it out. However, there’s only one way in.You can only get in through the narrow gate. Due to God’s ultimate sacrifice to make heaven available to us, security must be tight.

You see, heaven after all is no entitlement. It’s not owed to or deserved by anyone. It’s God’s free gift to those who adopt heaven’s provisions: Provision 1 — You cannot get in with good works. God’s requirement is good works 100% of the time. We all fall short. Provision 2 — You must adopt the policy personally that “Jesus (God) is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (goes to heaven) except through Him.” 

That’s it, so very simple. Children get it. It’s sad that so few cross heaven’s border because they want to dictate their own terms of entry. So they moan, complain, riot and generally tell God He’s unfair. God in His mercy allows them to live by their decisions and perish eternally. What a tragic waste of life.

Back to immigration here at home. I think God’s got a winning policy. Maybe the United States could implement it. All are welcome with open arms, have impenetrable security, entry through one gate, adoption of the laws and language of the land, and always remember living here is a privilege and not a right. If one cannot follow the provisions above, citizenship is denied and then we all lose.

How did God get so good with public policy? Maybe he can be trusted in all things.

Happy Easter!

Bob Evensen 

Eagle River