Letter to the Editor:

In his April 12 rejoinder to my prior letter, Mr. Gabl would have one believe that President Donald Trump’s Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Executive Order was all about services for “victims of crimes committed by removable aliens,” particularly in “sanctuary cities” and that I was recklessly employing “fake facts” to advance my “diabolical narrative.”

Interesting choice of words. In his rush to support Trump, Gabl embraced an alternative reality in which any criticism of our president necessarily comes from fake news. Truthfully, I may have been too narrow in my interpretation of VOICE. Trump is, after all, an equal opportunity racist. He hates those “murderers and rapists” from Mexico with the same fervor that he directs at the Muslim refugees, mostly women and children, who are anxiously awaiting their opportunity to commit terrorist attacks in the United States of America.

Don’t be conned (yet again), VOICE is all about fomenting fear and paranoia (if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck . . .) It also is a wink and a nod (or a dog whistle if you prefer) to the white supremacists in Trump’s base.

With regard to sanctuary cities, it is an established fact that undocumented aliens are less likely to be involved in crime than American citizens. They have far more to lose in the event of any conflict with law enforcement. Why then should they come under greater scrutiny? Publishing a “comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens” serves no purpose other than to augment prejudice. Focusing on alien criminality also serves as an invitation for more terrorist activities and enhances jihadi recruitment efforts.

For several reasons, California is considering statewide sanctuary status. Crop growers are dependent on migrant laborers who, in turn, support the local economies. Undocumented aliens also are less likely to report crimes if they live in constant fear of deportation. Sanctuary status improves community safety.

Terrance Moe