Letter to the Editor:

Thank you for printing the open letter to the Wisconsin Elections Commission from John Maines of Sayner in the Dec. 9 News-Review.

We also had the same experience where we were sent unsolicited absentee ballot requests by mail not only for us, but also for our daughter who has married and changed her name and moved. And like Mr. Maines, we threw ours away for the same reason.

We also wish to commend any ethical members who spoke up against this overreach of state election procedure and would ask them to continue to speak out.

We agree with Mr. Maines that these unrequested pieces of mail could have very easily resulted in voter fraud in numbers beyond 20,000, or perhaps 30,000 or 50,000 votes, and may well have sabotaged our votes.

Then, there is the issue of the fact that this was done at public expense by the elections commission.

How many of these were sent back in and was proper verification used to respond to such requests? Was there proper bipartisan oversight and verification by poll workers and election observers?

We would like to see investigations into these matters to assure the public that our state had an election with thorough transparency and integrity.

How many dead people “voted?” How many other irregularities will we find? How much fraud can we tolerate? None.

Texas and these other states bringing suit against our state have indeed found someone with their hand in the cookie jar.

Jean and Butch Fitzpatrick

Three Lakes