Letter to the Editor:

Gov. Tony Evers,

Citizens throughout Wisconsin thank you for efforts to keep Wisconsin safe. The entire world has sustained fearful ups and downs related to COVID-19. Your Safer at Home order has had a significant impact throughout the state.

However, from January to the end of April, everyone has learned a lot. Social distancing works as do gloves and masks. The infection rate has dropped significantly — just 20% of the initial projected 22,000 cases.

Vilas County experienced just four cases of COVID-19 — all recovered. No deaths.

I am a poll worker and handed out hundreds of ballots on April 7. All poll workers wore gloves and masks all day long. Pens and voting booths were sanitized between each voter. The result: not one coronavirus infection in Conover due to in-person voting.

Grocery stores operate taking great effort to ensure safety, sanity and sanitization. Wipes, paper towels, gloves and masks are now common for shoppers. Some masks are very creative and colorful too.

Because models used to lock down the entire state have “missed the mark” by 80% (but 100% of non-essential businesses in the state have been locked down), it is time to reconsider Safer at Home untill May 26, 2020. State bureaucrats deemed some businesses nonessential, but I can assure you that families regard their lost income very essential.

A wide variety of treatments are now available as options. Those with symptoms and are tested early may receive a prescription and stay at home to recuperate rather than overwhelm medical personnel as their symptoms improve while their bodies mend.

Everyone wants to avoid COVID-19. At-risk populations have been identified and make suitable precautions to stay safe. These groups include nursing home residents and those with underlying health concerns, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Because we now have an abundance of facts and new treatments for review, and we have proven that we can take steps to stay safe, we urge you to lift the extended Safer At Home order. And science this week includes sunshine and fresh air. Just what the doctor orders and what people want to hear!

Open your office for an ongoing round table discussion that includes business owners, health professionals, law enforcement officials, religious organizations, ordinary citizens, and ask for input.

Review their input. Trust the citizens of Wisconsin. And make the decision to reopen Wisconsin by mid-May at the latest.

Citizens in Wisconsin want to get back to work and reopen their state for the enjoyment of all.

Your new slogan: “Safe in Wisconsin.”


Shirley Kufeldt