Letter to the Editor:

I just finished reading Byron McNutt’s “People Make the Difference” column in the July 22 issue of the News-Review, but had to go back to the second to last paragraph which said, “Power is currently in the hands of the radical left and the conservative right.”

My friend, you need to examine the last six words. If you use radical left, then the opposite is radical right; both very frightening groups. 

Further, if you use conservative, then the opposite is liberal; both legitimate and positive terms referring to political beliefs. Use or misuse of words can influence logic and truth.

It is my hope that those who value our democracy will support and vote for the liberal or conservative candidates who will work together to solve the problems facing this government and its citizens.

It is also my hope that this country can find leadership that will fight the threats of the radical right and left to prevent the loss of our freedom and civil rights.

Remember that words are able to build or destroy. Be critical of how they are used.

Carol Hendricks

Eagle River