Letter to the Editor:

In a Letter to the Editor in a recent issue of the Vilas County News-Review, Teresa Dorn inferred that the current Republican administration in Washington is not responsible for our nation’s many current ills, which she listed as air travel at a standstill, meat processing plants slowed down causing cattle to be destroyed, subsidizing pay for out-of-work Americans, crushing a thriving economy with shut-downs, an overworked health-care system . . . and even the hoarding of toilet paper.

How can it be that the party not in power is responsible, when the leader of the party in power feeds the nation proven untruths on an almost daily basis? Could any of us expect — and accept — daily lies from members of our own family, or our co-workers or friends? 

Then why would we support and want to re-elect a national leader whose incompetence and constant untruths have led us into our current catastrophic situation?

As Ms. Dorn stated, “Your vote in November will make all the difference as to what the future of the United States of America will be and what it will mean to be an American.” 

I heartily agree and ask that we all think very carefully about that so the “freedoms” Teresa Dorn speaks of will be afforded to all Americans.

Fred Duerkop

Land O’ Lakes