Letter to the Editor:

Again, News-Review Outdoors columnist Kurt Krueger leads the charge to protect his precious deer from the ravaging wolves, but ignores the real and more deadly affliction that threatens the deer herd. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is now found among wild deer from north to south and east to west in Wisconsin. 

How did this come about in Wisconsin? The answer is one word: Walker. For eight years, former-Gov. Scott Walker turned Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from a science- and fact-based organization to an organization whose principal goal was to allow whatever pollution was necessary to help farmers, factories and mines. He discovered that finding CWD in an area and trying to decrease the spread by culling the deer in the immediate area was unpopular, as was a ban on deer feeding. So the solution was simple: decrease testing. Ignorance was bliss.

There is no doubt that CWD came into Wisconsin and is spread by deer farms. In eight years, have any meaningful steps been taken to shut down deer farms or, at a minimum, test the herds and double-fence the properties? No. One must protect the donors.

Now, the next question is should you eat a deer if it has not been tested? You might, but I would not. A prion-caused disease known as kuru has been transmitted by eating prion-infected human brains among certain tribes in New Guinea. Mad cow was a prion disease caused by cattle feed that was contaminated by prion-infected sheep offal.

It is probably too late to control the spread of CWD, for prion contamination of the soil from which deer can be infected lasts for a very, very long time.

So the real threat to the deer herd is us. We allowed Walker to do this by re-electing him to a second term.

In case Krueger has missed the notice, “Brother Wolf” is going to be shown on Wisconsin Public Television starting March 4. 

I know he’d be distraught to have missed seeing it.

West Nile is the cause of the decrease in ruffed grouse; another example of Krueger refusing to accept facts.

Edward B. Blau