Letter to the Editor:

Can we please stop talking about racism and do things that will help minority communities? It seems we are putting Americans on the Freudian couch, endlessly discussing past and present injustices without talking about solutions.

Let’s acknowledge the reality of our country’s racist past, and agree that crimes against minorities do still occur. And that Black on white attacks take place also. But this does not substantiate the claim that we have systemic racism. A racist country does not elect a Black president twice.

How do we demonstrate that racism exists? Some might point to the lower socioeconomic status of Blacks relative to whites. But if we compare married Blacks to married whites, the differences are small.

The fact is that the best predictor of poverty is the single-parent family. And 75% of Black babies are born outside of wedlock. These kids are more likely to grow up in poverty, and they are more prone to fall into bad behaviors of crime, drug abuse, etc.

Wendy Wang wrote in the Wall Street Journal (3-27-18) about growing up in China, then moving to America to continue her education. She said that less than 4% of births in China are out of wedlock. “For the vast majority of young adults in Asia, the path to success clearly runs through education, work and marriage—in that order. Families, schools, media and society at large all reinforce that message.”

Ms. Wang continues, “A similar path to success for young adults exists in America. Brookings scholars Ron Haskins and Isabel Sawhill call it the ‘success sequence’: getting at least a high school diploma, working, and then marrying before having children—again, in that order.”

This approach has been validated by a number of studies. It works for members of all races. There is no better way to reduce poverty and income inequality.  Unfortunately, the secular left is reluctant to push for this because it reflects biblical values. Academia, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and social media giants are obsessed with racism, white privilege, critical race theory, and anything that can keep the conflict going between the races.  

Judeo-Christian teachings instruct us to love our neighbors as ourselves. The best thing we can do for minorities is to stress the importance of the success sequence. God has not changed his mind regarding his design for the family, sexuality, the work ethic, and our relationships to one another.

Responsible parents teach good moral values to their kids. Part of that should be the warning that crime is a dangerous vocation. If a criminal is chased by police, he may get killed — whether a justified response by an officer or not. Good cops are put in situations requiring split-second decisions, the wrong choice resulting in disaster.

The success sequence works. People like Dr. Ben Carson and Sen. Tim Scott are just two examples of this. Among other things they were warned as children by their parents that racial profiling does occur. But by being polite when stopped by police the chances of being harmed were minimized. 

Minorities need to know that fellow Americans are pulling for them to follow good paths that work. Let us cool down the rhetoric about race. Everyone benefits when more people make good choices.

Warren Anderson