Wisconsin families are working harder than ever. But many are finding that no matter how much they sacrifice or how many hours they put in, they live every day on the verge of economic and financial insecurity. 

Despite these challenges, we know a path to success and we don’t have to look far for solutions. It starts with restoring tax fairness for the middle class, closing tax loopholes for the wealthy, and eliminating tax breaks for corporations that lay off workers and ship jobs out of state. 

Gov. Tony Evers has made it clear that his state budget will include real tax relief for hard-working families by rolling back Republican tax giveaways to millionaires and corporations. At a time when infant care costs more than tuition at a UW school, Republicans continue to defend tax giveaways for corporations that don’t pay a single dollar in income taxes. 

Think about that for a second. Corporations can claim a tax credit that isn’t tied to job creation and they pay nothing in income taxes. These are the same corporations that rely on Wisconsin’s workforce, roads, hospitals and community services. Yet this credit lets them avoid their fair share of investments in our state. 

Another loophole that has plagued municipalities of all sizes across the state is the “dark store” loophole. This loophole allows large corporate retailers to shift their tax liability onto Main Street businesses and local homeowners. It’s one of the reasons we saw a jump in property taxes last year. 

Evers has vowed to close this loophole in his budget, and prioritize tax fairness for seniors and working families.