Letter to the Editor:

We are writing to take issue with Kurt Krueger’s opinion column in the March 31 edition. 

Krueger is disputing tribal comments that state the wolf hunt was “all about the kill.” He believes if you think that, you are not dealing with reality. The actual reality is that the great majority of those hunters were excited by the kill, clearly stated by their comments and pictures posted online, gleefully holding their bloody trophies.

Krueger continues with the nostalgia, the traditions, describing the chase, the challenge and the camaraderie being the most important part of the hunt, the ultimate test of their outdoor skills. 

This hunt, accomplished through a lawsuit brought by a Kansas-based group,  Hunters Nation, was a modern day slaughter. Groups of hunters banded together, (many of them without permits, just along to aid the permit holder), and sent their highly trained hounds after the wolf. After a long, tiresome chase, the dogs were replaced with fresh hounds and finally catch up with the wolf. This was all accomplished with GPS guidance and illegally following with snowmobiles and ATVs on the national forest.

Get to the dogs in time and you can watch them tear into the exhausted wolf. No hunting skills needed.

There was evidence of illegal baiting and wolf-haters putting out poison during the year to kill them. Unfortunately, pets have been poisoned when unsuspecting people were just walking their dogs in the national forest. 

There have been written threats stating that if the wolf season is ended, these “sportsmen” will just hide treble hooks in balls of meat, so the wolves die a slow death. Or, they will suspend those same balls of meat with a wire so the wolf will be caught after jumping for the bait and hang there until death. That is true hate, not conservation.

Wisconsin is the only state that allows hound hunting for wolves. We should be embarrassed to think that our state has essentially sanctioned dog fighting. The Department of Natural Resources reports 216 wolves were killed during the February hunt; 86%, or 186, of those were killed with the aid of hounds; 5%, or 11, with traps; and 9%, or 19, were killed by “other” means.

Rather than falling for biased reporting like Krueger’s opinion piece, do your own research and decide how you feel about the hunting methods. Search online for wolf hunt pictures and you will find the Facebook posts. Read news stories that were printed in the Chicago Sun Times, the Journal/Sentinel and The Washington Post, shaming Wisconsin for allowing dogs in the hunt.

More and more humans are coming here from urban areas and are moving into wild places which happen to be home to the wolves and many other wild animals. Isn’t that part of what brought you to this area in the first place? 

Why do we cater to such a small group of people that want to kill all of them?

George and Marie Adams

Eagle River