The 12th annual Phelps Predator Hunt came to an end Jan. 12, with coordinator Rick Brown weighing predators and presenting awards at the Phelps Town Shop parking lot.

Six teams registered for the predator hunt, which began Jan. 1, and  ended Jan. 10.  Winners were determined by total number of points, with a coyote worth 20 points and a fox 15 points.

Entry fee was $40 per team with three nonperishable food items.  Half of the profits raised will be donated to a Phelps family in need along with the nonperishable items.   

Four two-person teams and two one-person teams registered. The team of Jerry Rappa and Bob McMahon took first place and won $60 with two coyotes weighing a total of 58 3⁄4 pounds. Second place of $40 went to Rick Lapp and Nick Wright with two coyotes weighing 50 1⁄2 pounds. Third place went to Corbin Grenier with a fox weighing 9 1⁄2 pounds.  Rappa won $60 for the big dog award. 

Other two-person teams  competing included Adam Hickson and Clint Nagy, and Andy and Bodde Regenfuss. In addition to Grenier, the other one-person team was Rick Brown.