Vilas County Sheriff

Vilas County Sheriff’s Department dispatchers last week reported at least 20 911 hang-ups, two car vs. deer accidents, one vehicle accident with a fatality, four vehicle accidents with property damage, three requests to assist another agency, seven burglar alarms, three ambulance requests, three animal problems, five attempts to locate, one child abuse or neglect complaint, eight requests to assist citizens, one request to dispatch a deer in the roadway, three disturbances, four drug problems, one fire, two wildland fires, one found property report, one fraud complaint, one drive-off, one hazardous materials spill, one dumping problem, four juvenile problems, one noise complaint, two vacation checks, two requests for officer assistance, one runaway juvenile, one suicide attempt, seven reports of suspicious circumstances, one theft, one threats complaint, six reports of hazardous conditions, eight traffic violations, two trespassing offenses and seven welfare checks.

There were at least 36 informational or procedural entries.

In the past week, at least 14 people were booked at Vilas County Jail, including  one to hold on warrant for another agency, one for second offense operating without a valid license, three for first offense operating while intoxicated (OWI), one for fourth offense OWI, one for felony bail jumping, one for disorderly conduct, one for possession of marijuana, one for possession of drug paraphernalia and four for probation violation.

Eagle River Police

Among the calls received by Vilas County dispatchers were 21 calls for the Eagle River Police Department. These in­cluded two alarms, two animal problems, two requests to assist citizens, one noise complaint, one parking problem, three probation violations, one report of suspicious circumstances, one hit-and-run traffic accident, one traffic accident with property damage, one traffic offense and two thefts. One person was taken into custody and booked into Vilas County Jail.

Three Lakes Police

The Three Lakes Police Department re­ported one 911 hang-ups, two vehicle accidents, two car vs. deer accidents, one alarm, four ambulance requests, two animal problems, one request to assist a citizen, one request to assist a motorist, one ATV?violation, 35 business checks, three requests for extra patrol, one ordinance violation, one paper service request, one parking violation, one reckless driving complaint, one background check, one runaway juvenile, two scam complaints, one report of suspicious circumstances, one theft, seven traffic stops and one weight limit problem.