Vilas County Board of Supervisors Economic Development and Tourism Committee – Wednesday, Jan. 6, 9 a.m., courthouse. Agenda: Broadband, short-term rentals and 2021 Vilas County Visitor Guide.

Oneida County Planning and Development Committee – Wednesday, Jan. 6, 1 p.m., Oneida County courthouse. Agenda: One Energy Development install and operate a 7.5-megawatt solar photovoltaic facility in the town of Crescent, planning and zoning department permit activity/revenue, and 2021 Oneida County Planning and Zoning Department projects.

Vilas County Board of Supervisors Zoning and Planning Committee – Thursday, Jan. 7, 9 a.m., courthouse. Agenda: Discuss illegal dumping on Gleasman property in Presque Isle on Armor Lake and transcendent software update.