The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

Dec. 28, 2021

Lance S. Wirth to Robert J. Nimz and Barbara K. Nimz, gov lot 5 in 14-40-8, $899.70

Eugene H. Wilkins and Theresa A. Wilkins to Janice L. Zindel, lot 7 in Denoyer’s First Addition, $670.50

Leo J. Horant III, Charlotte I. Horant and Charlotte I. Wenzel to Shelbe R. Ziehli, lots 114-116 in Keystone Park, $558

Clarence R. Izydorski and Margaret J. Izydorski to Michael J. Goessl and Mary J. Goessl, lot 3 in East Shore Acres, $150

Ardyce Koski, POA Cheryl Christine Rundquist, Cheryl Christine Rundquist and Karen Genisot to Dennis Tarnowski and Yvonne Tarnowski, lot 2 in Deerwood Beach, $630

Robert J. Mason and Theresa S. Mason to Marissa J. Burke, lots 7 and 8 of block 3 in McIntyre’s Addition, $600

Richard A. Schuld, Daniel E. Schuld, Laurie L. Schuld, Laurie L. Tippet and Joy M. Schuld to PuffDaddy LLC, gov lot 1 and NE NE in 21-40-8, $3,108

Russell W. Miller to Daniel R. Miller, Jennifer Miller, James D. Miller and Diana S. Miller, block 2 in Gauthier Tract Subdivision, $750

David C. Bonner to Marc W. Sipolt Sr., gov lot 5 in 9-42-10, $598.50

Sparks Revocable Trust 03/03/15, Trustee John F. Sparks and Trustee Linda L. Sparks to Borderline Enterprises Inc., SE NE in 11-42-10, $75

G. Gukich Revocable Living Trust 09/29/11 and Trustee George Gukich to Todd A. Denholm Revocable Trust and Trustee Todd A. Denholm, gov lot 6 in 17-41-5, $435

Gary L. Konetzke to Jonathan M. Billmeyer, lot 8 of block 19 in Racine Community Beach, $405

Peter J. Baltus Trust of 2016 and Trustee Peter J. Baltus to Allyson M. Nardacci and Eric A. Nardacci, lot 24 of block 2 in Finley Bragonier McDonald, $222

Nicolet National Bank to Timothy E. Baldwin and Toni M. Baldwin, NW SE in 25-40-9, $100.50

Ryan M. Romaker and Brittni C. Romaker to Chad Andersen and Rebecca Andersen, lot 3 in Holiday Estates, $509.70

David L. Bruch Revocable Living Trust, Trustee Kevin L. Bruch and Trustee Keith W. Bruch to Laurie A. Cummings, SW SW in 29-44-6, $717

Dec. 29, 2021

Vilas County Sheriff Agent, Shamrock Waters Trust 012-959, Shamrock Waters Trust 012-960 and Shamrock Waters Trust 012-961 to Adam Gohlke, gov lots 2-4 in 8-42-9, $5,130

Jenick Properties LLC to Rhonda Wagner and Peter Jensch, lot 35 and outlot 1 in Chippewa Shores, $75

Jewel Rentals LLC to DKJM Family LLC, SE NE in 11-39-10, $390

Richard E. Korinek and Kimberly C. Korinek to Delynn De Charon, SE SW in 35-40-6, $822

Laurie A. Cummings Living Trust and Trustee Laurie A. Cummings to Christopher Paul Borreca and Elizabeth Allen Borreca, lots 40 and 41 of block 9 in Turtle Lake Resort Plat C, $1,047

Victoria J. Caudill to Klessig Tree Service LLP, NE SE in 31-43-10, $210

David K. Tabaka to Leighann M. Pietz, NW NE in 30-40-5, $82.50

Dec. 30, 2021

Marcus J. White and Amber C. White to William J. Shaughnessy and Denise M. Shaughnessy, SE SE in 4-40-10 and NE NE in 9-40-10, $885

Colyn E. Carter and POA Jodi C. McKeever to James B. Baszynski and Cheryl A. Baszynski, lots 10 and 11 of block 4 in Dickinson Cook & Tambling Addition, $327

Cropsey Enterprises LLC to Batpig Enterprises LLC, lot 5 of block 3 in Plat of the NENW, $120

Kelsea R. Blom to Ted Baier, lot 11 in Moonlight Estates, $562.50

Black Bear LLC to Madison Trust Company, unit 29 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $779.70

Stoker Investments LLC to Minocqua Hospitality Holdings LLC, gov lots 5 and 6 in 2-40-6, $660

Black Bear LLC to BCSA Team LLC, unit 16 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $719.70

Black Bear LLC to Scott D. Sailor and Elizabeth A. Sailor, unit 27 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $752.10

Kenu Lake Family Foundation Inc. to Shanty Point LLC, SE SW and SE SE in 1-42-9; and NE NW and NW NE in 12-42-9, $2,475

Trudy A. Staffeldt to Eric Williams, NE NW in 33-40-8, $234

Jan. 3, 2022

Clayton Zellmer and Cara L. Zellmer to Curt F. Deininger and Becky Deininger, lot 61 in Forest Downs Division No. 3, $537

LSP Trust and Trustee Lawrence Sodomire to John David St. Onge and Doreen Ann St. Onge, NW NW and SW NW in 6-39-10, $436.50

Janet M. Cheatham Revocable Trust and Trustee Janet M. Cheatham to John C. Kuziej, NW NW in 12-39-10, $597

Vallee Living Trust 09/29/97 and Trustee Denise C. Sauter to Steven Redmer and Barbara Redmer, gov lot 2 in 23-43-7, $117

Robert H. Beer Jr. and Nicole E. Beer to Brett Charles Waterbury and Stephanie Lynn Waterbury, lot 4 of block 2 in J & J Huber Subdivision, $840

Jennifer R. Varsik to Theodore J. Indermuehle, NW SE in 15-40-6, $501

Phillip J. Kweton Living Trust and Trustee Phillip J. Kweton to Copus Properties LLC, lot 1 in CSM5506 and gov lot 8 in 14-42-5, $1,035

Gem Properties LTD to Lloyd McIndoe, SE NW and gov lot 2 in 4-39-10, $75

Walter Alexander Foundation Inc. to Hobo Lake Club Incorporated, gov lot 10 in 29-41-8, $600

Walter Alexander Foundation Inc. and Harvey S. Scholfield to Town of Plum Lake, SE NE and gov lot 4 in 31-41-8, $604.80

Greg Larsen and Amber C. Larsen to Brian D. Bellin and Kassie Krell, NE NW in 9-40-8, $915

Frederick C. Hoeppner to Rachel R. Zarling and Naomi R. Evenson, gov lots 1 and 2 in 1-40-5, $360

Jan. 4, 2022

Ricky J. Nowack and Janis M. Nowack to Tiffany Anne Jones, gov lots 1-4 in 11-40-4, $675

Wilderness Land Group to Woodruff 1234 LLC, lots 12-14 in Hemlock Ridge at Lily Lake, $135

Carol A. Hansen to Jon L. Hansen, lots 36 and 37 in West Shore Acres, $300

McGonagle Revocable Trust 06/17/09, Trustee Charles W. McGonagle and Trustee Doreen M. McGonagle to Christopher Alan Steffens, lots 11-14 of block A in Dennhardt Subdivision, $1,500

Eugene P. Somers Trust, Carol A Van Houten Trust, Trustee Scott E. Somers, Trustee Carol A. Van Houten and Trustee Carol A. Somers to Aidan Byrnes, gov lot 6 in 17-43-6; and NE NE in 20-43-6, $225

Wanda V. Davis to Kevin Olsen and Krista Olsen, gov lots 8 and 9 in 12-40-10, $570

WIMN Management LLC to First Finish Line Services LLC, NW SE and NE SE in 10-40-10, $600

Reppert Properties LLC to James B. Mohr and Sarah A. Mohr, units 7 and 15 in Big Bass Resort Condominium, $639

Todd Stanek to Cira’s Holdings LLC, NE SE and gov lot 3 in 36-40-8, $1,030.50

Jan. 5, 2022

Nancy J. Major and James Williams to Tammy Hall and Douglas N. Featherly, SW SW in 34-43-10, $225

Elizabeth Lurvey to Peter J. Baltus Trust of 2016, SW NE in 34-40-10, $390

The Timbers Bar & Grill of St. Germain LLC to RPH Holdings LLC, unit 20 in Elbert’s Resort Condo, $1,275

Jan. 6, 2022

James D. Schumaker and Deborah U. Schumaker to Clarence Alan Anderson and Susan T. Anderson, NW SW and NE SW in 9-40-8, $1,920

Julian Figueroa and Florence Figueroa to John L. Sadecky, SE NE in 35-40-10, $666

Joseph J. Pilolla Trust and Trustee Anthony J. Pilolla to Secluded Land Company LLC, gov lot 7 in 33-40-4, $114

Jan. 7, 2022

Stephen P. Schultz to Aaron J. Bauer, gov lot 2 in 10-40-8, $341.40

Jerry E. Marnholtz and Faye Marnholtz to Lisa L. Gerzel, gov lot 1 in 10-40-6, $786