The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record anxd reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

Aug. 31, 2022

Vilas County Sheriff Agent and Marcelline Smith to Agnela Foulks, gov lot 6 in 10-40-8, $414

Craig J. VanArk to Anthony P. Scaffidi, lots 36-28 of block 16 in Turtle Lake Resort Plat H, $675

Turner Family Trust 07/26/13 and Trustee William J. Turner to Douglas S. & Jolene Turner Revocable Trust, NW SW in 26-43-7, $30

Milam Family Trust 04/25/17 and Trustee Judith A. Milam to Edward B. Matkom and Elizabeth T. Matkom, unit 2 in White Birch Highland Condo, $1,503

Jones Family Cabin Trust 10/09/14, Trustee Wendee J. Jones and Trustee Charles E. Jones II to Troy Zahrt and Heidi MacEachern, gov lot 4 in 13-42-5, $2,850

Scott R. Girard and Julie A. Girard to Kenneth Gregory Holmstrom and Sandra Lynn Holmstrom, unit 812-3 in Bridges Landing Condominium, $1,125

Schillinger Investments LLC to Isaac B. Elliott and Samantha K. Shafranski, lot 16 in Whistling Pines Estates, $1,125

Virdeana L. Merkel, Virdeana L. Garske and Ronald J. Garske to Kristofer Gray and Teressa Gray, SE NE in 35-40-10, $1,017

Sept. 1, 2022

Secluded Land Company LLC to Joshua A. Nonella and Steven L. Hinders, lot 4 in CSM5703 and SW NW in 8-41-10, $155.70

Amy Gutowski to Andre A. Cid, SE SE in 24-40-6, $120

Tasmanian LLC to East Hill Properties LLC, lot 1 in Maple Ridge Subdivision, $1,170

LMU-VJN LLC to Douglas J. Bansemer and Michelle A. Bansemer, gov lot 6 in 35-40-8, $705

Kubacki Real Estate LLC to Randy Solberg, NE NW in 34-40-10, $55.50

Keith DeVos to Tyler Moore and Natasha Moore, SE SW in 2-41-11, $412.50

Richard M. Kath, Michal Ann Kath, Richard C. Kath and Lisa Killian to Richard M. Kath, Terese Kath, Michal Ann Kath, Richard C. Kath and Lisa Killian, SE NE in 25-43-7, $169.50

Sept. 2, 2022

Jerome J. Hranka Jr. and Megan E. Gale to Raas Holdings LLC, unit 6 in Deer Run Condo, $1,200

James Deeder to Richard T. Hanson and Rachel A. Hanson, SW SE in 36-40-8, $300

Randy G. Geier and Debra J. Geier to Matthew S. Poker and Sarah L. Poker, SW SW in 28-42-12, $99

Oberg Living Trust 10/06/99, Trustee Lawrence E. Oberg and Trustee Connie M. Oberg to Hazel L. Oberg Trust, SW SW in 10-41-11, $138

Karen S. Croker, Kimberly J. Garske and Robert J. Garske to Michael L. Oberg Revocable Trust, NE NW, NW NW, SW NW and SE NW in 3-40-10, $882.30

Estate of Carol L. Becker, Estate of Carol L. Ninko-Becker and Pers Rep Brad J. Nellessen to Barton W. Maxwell Jr., lot 1 in CSM5728, NW NW in 4-42-10, gov lot 6 in 33-43-10, lots 1 and 2 in Lake Charlotte Cabin Sites, gov lot 2 in 5-42-10, and lots 1 and 2 in CSM5707, $642

Mark A. Collins and Marilynn C. Nickolaou to Dolores M. Hall Revocable Trust and Trustee Dolores M. Hall, gov lot 10 in 13-40-10, $975

Sept. 6, 2022

Estate of Charles Edward Rusch Sr. and Pers Rep Debra L. Parmer to Peter R. Kunnanz, lots 1, 2, 9 and 10 of block 11 in Racine Community Beach, $435

Dreva Special Trust and Trustee Thomas J. Klismith to Katherine L. Smith, gov lot 5 in 28-40-7, $72.30

Tod A. Sanborn to Paul A. & Nancy L. Sobralski Family Trust, Trustee Paul A. Sobralski and Trustee Nancy L. Sobralski, gov lots 4 and 11 in 13-40-10, and Omitted Lands 13-40-10, $144

Donald J. Boyle to Gem Properties LTD, gov lot 1 in 31-40-10, $375