The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

Dec. 17, 2018

Donald A. & Joy A. Muchlinski Revocable Trust, Trustee Donald A. Muchlinski and Trustee Joy A. Muchlinski to Stenberg Family Trust, gov lot 3 in 11-41-9, $1,575.

Duanne G. Swift and Ann C. Swift to Charles DeBacker and Melissa DeBacker, gov lot 5 in 35-40-6, $360.

Keith A. Wicklund, Marc A. Wicklund, Ruth M. Heimann, Ruth M. Gordee, Laurel A. Wicklund, Nancy J. Bracco, Nancy J. Vargas and Karen K. Wicklund to Nancy J. Bracco, lot 49 of plat 177 in Leisure Estates, $194.40.

Thomas C. Giesen and Cynthia A. Giesen to Hallin Boyd Burgan and Mary Catherine Burgan, gov lot 2 in 4-42-5 and plat 738 of Omitted Lands 04-42-05, $4,800.

Anne M. Fuller to Timothy W. Fuller, gov lot 4 in 13-40-11, $277.50.

Gerard E. Evans, Emily A. Bartels and Evan M. Petig to Glenn S. Weintraub and Diane C. Weintraub, gov lot 5 in 13-43-8, $924.

Erin K. Chapa to David C. Richmond, unit 322 of plat 900 in Cranberry Estates Condominium, $396.

Dec. 18, 2018

Randall Lee Hill and Delnice Kay Hill to Sarah J. Kristmann, gov lot 3 in 2-41-11, $420.

Power of Attorney Jody M. Powers and Francis R. Vander Muss to James E. Meiers and Sarah A. Besadny, SE NW in 17-39-10, $516.

Fred E. Aman to Dale L. Rine and Patricia A. Rine, NW NE, gov lot 1 and NE NW in 9-42-10, $54.

Elise Marie Leer, Mathew John Billmyer, Matthew John Billmyer, Stephen Edward Billmyer, Joann Holubowicz, Jeffrey Holubowicz, Mary E. Czeszynski, Thomas Czeszynski and Susan Mary Billmyer to Colleen R. Holmbeck Trust, gov lot 4 in 24-43-5 and gov lot 1 in 25-43-5, $127.50.

Dec. 19, 2018

Jeffrey R. Urbans and Beth A. Urbans to North Woods Rest Motel-Colonial House Laundromat LLC, gov lot 5 in 34-40-8, $1,124.70.

Ronald R. Blum, Loren D. Vanderbilt and Susan A. Vanderbilt to Nancy E. Blum, gov lot 1 in 14-41-8, $651.60.

Douglas G. Petrusha to Shadow Venture LLC, SW SE in 12-42-5, $90.

Gerald A. Geiser and Shir­ley A. Geiser to Karina J. Lathrop, gov lot 3 in 11-40-9, $540.

Jamie M. Fath and Susan J. Fath to Cole Kazda, NE NW in 9-40-8, $108.

Jeffrey J. Knauf to Michael D. Eickman and Diane E. Eickman, gov lot 3 in 19-43-7, $292.50.

Chris A. Seymour and Carol E. Nailor to Marshal T. Gorwitz, NE NE and gov lot 1 in 1-40-10, $414.

Marshal T. Gorwitz to Mark D. Lyons and Jane M. Lyons, NE NE and gov lot 1 in 1-40-10, $153.

Van Caster Custom Build­ers Inc. to Landover ATV/UTV Club Inc., NE NW in 9-41-10, $360.

Kenneth L. Bode and Susan A. Bode to Michelle Root-McDaniel, NE SW and NW SW in 1-39-10, $450.

Dec. 20, 2018

Gregory J. Abts and Debra A. Abts to Daniel J. Mercier, NW SW in 18-41-9, $120.

Donald E. & Janet M. Werra Living Trust, Trustee Donald E. Werra and Trustee Janet M. Werra to Irene Lee-DiBenedetto, unit 2 of plat 826 in Lake Forest Landing Condo, $1,263.

Diana Osowski to Kenneth R. Rohde and Kimberly A. Rohde, SW SW in 26-40-6, $67.50.

James E. Gebhard and Mary M. Fitzgerald to Jeffrey T. Anderson, gov lot 4 in 13-43-7, $159.60.

Timothy Connaughty and April L. Connaughty to Michael K. Rehberg and Billie Jo Rehberg, gov lots 5 and 7 in 23-44-5, SW NW and gov lot 1 in 25-44-5, and gov lots 4 and 5 in 26-44-5, $1,950.