The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

Dec. 21, 2018

James R. Rosenthal and Janet M. Rosenthal to Greg E. Gillan and Sally F. Gillan, unit 210 of plat 851 in Wild Eagle Lodge Condominium, $642.

Hernke Estates LLP to Katherine J. Werhane and Charles R. Werhane, lot 19 of plat 18 in Big Portage Beach, $93.90.

Peggy L. Richmond Revocable Trust and Trustee Peggy L. Richmond to Matthew J. Holmes and Megan C. Holmes, NE SE, NW SE, SW SE and SE SE in 25-43-7, $614.70.

Lance Wirth to Jeffrey M. Horvath and Jacqueline M. Horvath, SW SW in 25-40-8, $794.70.

Richard T. Winger to Evonne J. Harr Revocable Trust, Trustee Evonne J. Harr and Vernon E. Heinrich, unit 6 of plat 883 in Little Arbor Vitae Dr. Condos, $832.50.

Kayla J. Maines to Dennis K. Herman and Amy L. Herman, NW NW in 12-39-10, $324.

P Prince LLC and Serenity Pines Condominium Unit 3 to Monson Revocable Family Trust 09/15/16, Trustee Mark G. Monson and Trustee Barbara J. Monson, unit 3 of plat 918 in Serenity Pines Condominium, $615.

Richard A. Eberle to Frederick W. Chovanec Revocable Trust, gov lot 3 in 27-41-5, $40.50.

Dennis J. Colling and Jennifer A. Colling to William C. Morgan and Kay L. Morgan, lot 17 of plat 416 in Tambling’s Second Addition Assessors Plat and gov lot 6 in 28-40-10, $1,215.

Estate of Jeanne Marie Kunes and personal representative Terence Kunes to Nikolay Barbudov and Mariyana Barbudov, gov lot 6 in 2-39-10, $621.90.

Sam L. Blakley and guardian Sharon Holum to Thorpe D. Biegel, lots 45 and 46 of plat 43 in Capich Park Subdivision, $216.90.

Michelle L. Michaels and Michelle L. Blakley to Thorpe D. Biegel, lots 45 and 46 of plat 43 in Capich Park Subdivision, $216.90.

Dec. 26, 2018

John J. Neu to John J. Neu and Kathryn Burbach Neu, gov lot 7 in 18-43-7, $789.

Betty M. Weidman and Robert Weidman to town of Phelps, SW NW in 1-41-11, $30.

David P. Dielentheis and Lori A. Dielentheis to Gregory K. Graves and Arely H. Graves, gov lots 1, 3 and 4, SW SW, NW NW and NE NW in 4-41-12; plat 661 in Omitted Lands 04-41-12; gov lot 2 in 5-41-12; plat 663 in Omitted Lands 05-41-12; gov lots 6-8 in 33-42-12; plat 656 in Omitted Lands 33-42-12; gov lots 4 and 5 in 34-42-12; plat 662 in Omitted Lands 34-42-12; gov lot 2 in 4-41-12; $1,789.50.

John R. Quaden to High Country LLC, gov lot 4 in 36-40-10 and lots 48-51 of plat 92 in Everetts Resort, $225.

Joyce R. Lyng Revocable Trust and Trustee Joyce R. Lyng to James J. Schiefelbein, lots 58 and 59 in block 1 of plat 222 in Oliver Park, $1,050.

Michael E. Stroh to Oakridge Retreat LLC, SW NW in 20-41-9 and NE SE in 19-41-9, $365.10.

Mary S. Kuczen to Gerald M. & Elizabeth A. Bastian Trust, Trustee Gerald M. Bastian and Trustee Elizabeth A. Bastian, gov lots 8 and 9 in 19-40-4, and NE NW and NW NW in 32-40-4, $936.

Kelly J. Erardi and Denny C. Erardi to Gene E. & Dara T. Flink Revocable Trust, Trustee Gene E. Flink and Trustee Dara T. Flink, gov lot 4 in 22-40-10, $60.

Sally W. Zoellick to Michael R. Pelishek, gov lot 1 in 7-41-11, $547.50.

Dec. 27, 2018

Thomas P. Bartosz, Anne K. Bartosz Trust and Trustee Sarah Bartosz to David L. Bartosz and Christopher L. Bartosz, gov lot 5 in 25-41-5, $630.

John R. Heinritz to Guy L. Callahan, gov lot 1 in 26-40-10 and NW NW in 25-40-10, $2,559.