The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

Dec. 28, 2018

Danniel Rady Living Trust, Trustee Danniel Rady and Trustee Nora A. Rady to Thomas P. O’Connell Revocable Trust, units 16 and 57 of plat 716 in Bradford Point Condominium, $1,755.

Alan D. Wondzell to Downtown Rentals LLC, lot 34 in block 1 of plat 275 in Rockwood Estates North Division No. 1 and lot 2 in block 2 of plat 275 in Rockwood Estates North Division No. 1, $270.

Dec. 31, 2018

Judith A. Hodgdon Declaration of Trust and Trustee Judith A. Hodgdon to Douglas Hodgdon, gov lot 1 in 15-40-5, $742.50.

Luke M. Fashingbauer and Kathryn J. Fashingbauer to Steven A. Opfer and Lisa A. Opfer, NE SE, NW SE, SW SE, SE SE and gov lot 7 in 10-40-6, $966.

Sharp Revocable Trust 10/17/01, Trustee David C. Sharp and Trustee Sherry Ann Hitztaler to Danny L. Ironmonger and Michele A. Ironmonger, gov lot 2 in 11-40-5, $1,020.

J.S. Holding LLC to T.A. Solberg Co. Inc., lot 6 and out lot 1 of plat 43 in Capich Park Subdivision, $300.

Jan. 2, 2019

Susan K. Gregorich and Susan K. Quinn to 3G Real Estate LLC, gov lots 3 and 4 in 19-44-5, $420.

Denis P. Bartell, Sherry L. Preidt and Sherry P. Bartell to 1644 McKinley Simonides Properties LLC, lot 41 in block 1 of plat 222 in Oliver Park, $495.

Jan. 3, 2019

Sharon P. Mielke to Woods of Boulder Junction 4 LLC, gov lot 2 and NE SW in 4-42-7, $1,050.

Triple R Storage LLC to Assured Storage Holdings D LLC, SE SE in 26-40-4, $825.

John Peroutky to Mark D. Fouts and Debra J. Gorman-Fouts, SE NE in 3-39-10, $472.50.

Secluded Land Company LLC to Scott B. Cole, SW NE in 31-44-6, $202.50.

Christine A. Paulton to Timothy John Alger and Annell Marie Alger, gov lots 4 and 5, and SE SW in 32-41-12, $360.

Joseph J. Heckenkamp and Lisa M. Heckenkamp to Thomas J. Robertson, Piroska S. Robertson and Robert J. Clark, gov lot 5 in 20-41-5, $495.

Honig Revocable Trust of 2016, Trustee Howard L. Honig and Trustee Judith A. Honig to Daniel Minaudo and Megan Minaudo, lots 56-58 of plat 339 in Timbergate, $373.50.

5807 Partnership LLC to Greer’s Pier Inc., lot 4 in CSM5448 and NW NW in 16-42-5, $240.

Jan. 4, 2019

Eric C. & Barbara A. Andringa Revocable Trust of 2000, Trustee Eric C. Andringa and Trustee Barbara A. Andringa to Munnik Family Trust 11/16/2011, Trustee John E. Munnik and Trustee Kathryn T. Munnik, unit G1 of plat 55 in Cleerwood Village Condo, $193.50.

Robert R. & Sally A. Knapstein Revocable Trust and Trustee Sally A. Knapstein to Wyatt A. Knapstein, NE SW in 34-40-6, $180.

International Bank of Amherst to Paul L. Wittman, SE SW in 29-40-8, $208.20.

William H. Renwick and Debra D. Bowles to Bierstaker Family Trust 04/23/18, gov lot 3 in 7-42-8, $282.

Kurt Alfred Pflughoeft to Jay P. Wittman and Stephanie A. Wittman, SW NE and gov lot 3 in 26-41-9, $126.

Champeny Family Trust 01/02/97 and Trustee Eileen H. Champeny to William A. Gilmore, gov lot 3 in 24-41-10, $321.

Robert E. Kressin Living Trust, Trustee Harold Kressin, Trustee Debra Kressin and Trustee Debra A. Waldron to Ginny Kressin, gov lot 1 in 23-41-9, $480.

Patricia L. Raffel to James M. Kenyon and Virginia L. Kenyon, gov lots 1 and 2, and NE SW in 3-40-4; and gov lots 2-5 in 2-40-4, $1,020.