The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

Feb. 25, 2019

Richard A. & Colette A. Pavlov Revocable Trust of 2002, Trustee Richard A. Pavlov and Trustee Colette A. Pavlov to Realmad Holdings & Investments LLC, SE SE in 6-42-5, $225.

Vilas County Sheriff Agent and Estate of Sharon K. Kotajarvi to Kevin Kadlec, lots 7 and 8 in block 9 of plat 408 in Original Plat of Eagle River, $226.50.

Vilas County Sheriff Agent and Heidi L. Naef to William Heberer, lots A, B, C, 10, 20-22 and 26-28 of plat 102 in Forest Lake Plat, $816.

Feb. 26, 2019

David L. Meach to Daniel N. & Diane M. Hartwig Living Trust, Trustee Daniel N. Hartwig and Trustee Diane M. Hartwig, NW SE and NE NE in 33-41-8, and gov lots 5 and 6 in 28-41-8, $96.

Peter Leabo to James J. Checolinski and Barbara A. Checolinski, lot 2 of plat CSM5445, lots 2 and 8 of plat 131 in Hazen’s Plat on Long Lake, and NW NW and gov lot 6 in 5-41-12, $660.

Barbara J. Byrd to Pamela F. Gonzalez and Janice R. Ferrell, gov lot 2 in 12-40-5, $767.10.

Feb. 28, 2019

Suzanne Lee Scheldroup to Terry S. Steele, SE SE in 33-40-6, $390.

Michael J. Eichhorn and Sharon L. Eichhorn to Michael J. Potts and Patricia M. Potts, gov lot 16 in 5-43-5, $45.

Michael J. Potts and Patricia M. Potts to Michael J. Eichhorn and Sharon L. Eichhorn, gov lot 16 in 5-43-5, $45.

Kay E. Kimes Living Trust and Trustee Kay E. Kimes to Tony R. Schellinger and Chalyse N. Schellinger, SE SW, SW SE and NW SE in 23-43-5, $135.

March 1, 2019

AG Investments Eagle River LLC to Sierra Center Twenty Four, lots 1-3 of plat 402 in Golf Club Addition, and SE NW and SW NW in 28-40-10, $1,200.

Erika M. Ozols to Michael L. Oberg, SE NE in 16-40-10, $261.

Trevin R. Martin and Sarah T. Martin to Dianne M. Briggs, NW SW in 34-40-7, $706.50.

Mark J. Henry and Lisa M. Henry to Trevin R. Martin and Sarah T. Martin, gov lot 4 in 28-40-7, $1,090.50.

Joseph D. & Florence H. Keenan Revocable Trust, Trustee Joseph D. Keenan and Trustee Florence H. Keenan to Joseph D. Keenan III Trust No. 1 and Trustee Joseph D. Keenan III, gov lot 3 in 24-40-10, $1,200.

Chance Halada to James Connelly and Katie Connelly, gov lot 2 in 12-40-11, $36.

Wilderness Land Group to Rita V. Rogan, lots 5 and 6 of plat 934 in Hemlock Ridge at Lily Lake, $228.

Steven W. Roecklein Revocable Trust and Trustee Steven W. Roecklein to Daniel J. Donoghue 1998 Trust, Trustee Daniel J. Donoghue, Margaret Anne Donoghue 1998 Trust and Trustee Margaret Anne Donoghue, gov lot 1 in 6-41-6 and SE SE in 31-42-6, $1,005.

Robert L. Thole and Amy L. Rupnow Thole to Joel Miner and Anne Miner, gov lot 1 in 6-43-7, $1,560.