The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

April 1, 2019

James L. Meka and Nancy A. Meka to Regina L. Coel, NW NE?in 34-41-8, $1,110.

Trustee Richard J. Selfridge Jr., Richard J. Selfridge Jr. Living Trust, Trustee Mary Gayle Selfridge and Mary Gayle Selfridge Living Trust to Trustee Roberta J. Gast and Roberta J. Gast Revocable Trust, gov lot 2 and SE NE in 28-40-5, $870.

Rose Worden to Daniel C. Lemke and Shirley A. Lemke, SE NW in 32-41-8, $464.70.

Trustee Kathryn J. Rahimzadeh to Tucker’s Hideout LLC, unit 3 of plat 15 in Big Arbor Vitae Condo, $675.

Debra A. Stephenson Survivor’s Trust and Trustee Debra A. Stephenson to Richard A. Zanon and Jan Marie Zanon, plat CSM5420; NW NW and SW NW in 34-41-8; NE NE, SE NE, NW NE, SW NE, NE SE and NW SE in 33-41-8; gov lots 5 and 6 in 28-41-8; and gov lot 3 in 27-41-8, $129.

Barbara M. Bagley, Barbara M. Tannah and Joseph Popp to Beau Andrew Hutchinson and Kelly Ann Hutchinson, SE SE in 22-40-8, $390.

Trustee Ardis E. Almen to Eric J. Verhagen and Jeanne E. Verhagen, gov lot 1 in 26-42-11, $360.

April 2, 2019

Super 8 of Eagle River LLC to Riverdale Resort Properties LLC, lots 6-9 of plat 285 in Sanborn Co., gov lot 7 in 29-40-10 and gov lot 4 in 32-40-10, $1,350.

James W. Wendt to Daniel August Muska, NW SE in 25-40-7, $72.

Dolores Kasch Personal Asset Trust, Trustee Lynn M. Heupel, Trustee Scot W. Kasch and Trustee Keith A. Kasch to Dennis C. Egan and Sandra K. Egan, NE SW and NW SE in 14-43-7, $990.

Steven E. Mohr and Celeste Mohr to TS2 Management LLC, SE NW in 4-41-6, $1,275.

Thomas M. Fintelmann and Christine A. Hess to Robert Rentmeester Jr. and Colleen A. Rentmeester, SE NE, NE NE and NE SE in 28-40-4, $825.

James C. Work Living Trust and Trustee James C. Work to David J. Wakeman and Cynthia A. Wakeman, gov lot 6 in 36-41-5, $705.

April 3, 2019

Erik Johnson and Amy D. Johnson to Erik S. Johnson 2012 Endowment Trust and Trustee Peter O. Johnson Jr., gov lots 1 and 3 in 12-42-5, $2,037.

Erik Johnson to Erik S. Johnson 2012 Endowment Trust and Trustee Peter O. Johnson Jr., gov lots 1 and 3 in 12-42-5, $1,155.

6508 Landing Lake LLC to Jeremy W. Ness and Susan J. Rudolph-Ness, gov lot 6 in 33-43-10 and lots 20-23 of plat 168 in Lake Charlotte Cabin Sites, $749.70.

Robert Rentmeester and Colleen Rentmeester to Pine Arbor Holdings LLC, gov lots 2 and 3 in 30-40-7, $3,675.

April 4, 2019

Daniel J. Duriavich and Melany A. Duriavich to Bradley Cole, gov lot 1 in 3-42-11, $702.

John C. Mezydlo and Rita L. Mezydlo to Terry L. Zimmerman and Patricia J. Zimmerman, lots 57-59 of plat 23 in Birch Springs Estates, $753.

David J. Pucci and Susan J. Pucci to Hawks Nest Outfitters LLC, gov lot 3 in 34-40-9, $585.

April 5, 2019

Edward A. Solinsky and Barbara M. Solinsky to Jeremy Solinsky and Dana Solinsky, gov lot 3 in 21-40-6 and gov lot 2 in 22-40-6, $480.

Ripco Credit Union to Tom-Cat Holdings LLC, gov lot 3 in 2-41-11, $126.

Barbara J. Janulis Revocable Trust, Trustee Darlene Schick and Trustee Darlene A. Janulis to BBTB Management LLC, lots 198-201 of plat 102 in Forest Lake Plat, $1,650.