The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

April 29, 2019

AJ’s Pine Crest Hideaway LLC to Carter Rierson and Stacy Rierson, gov lot 5 in 21-40-8, and gov lots 1 and 2 in 28-40-8, $1,259.70.

Secluded Land Company LLC to Timothy J. Mashock and Grace B. Mashock, SW NE in 31-44-6, $168.

John Rottier and Mandy Rottier to Edward Mazur and Danielle Mazur, gov lot 4 in 6-40-11, $1,005.

Joseph R. Ksioszk to Joseph R. Ksioszk and Laverne L. Spiering, SE SE in 24-40-6 and NE NE in 25-40-6, $103.20.

David M. Freiburger, Don & Dawn Freiburger Family Trust, Trustee Donald A. Freiburger and Trustee Dawn D. Freiburger to Dennis Zitnak and Susan Zitnak, lots 7 and 8 of plat 74 in Doolittle Barden Chippewa Shores, $1,134.

Gary L. Huffman and Dianne M. Huffman to Precision Properties LLC, NE SE, NW SE, SW SE and SE SE in 33-44-6, $430.50.

Kenneth T. Sullivan and Marcella Sullivan to J Anthony Corporation, gov lot 2 in 23-40-9, $258.

Scott Rauwald to Ronald Stultz and Marie Stultz, NW SE in 34-44-6, $120.

April 30, 2019

Dickerson Family Trust 04/19/97 and Trustee Ruth B. Gardner to Birch Hollow Cabins LLC, lot 3 of plat CSM5459 and gov lot 8 in 13-42-5, $525.

Estate of Lorraine J. Sperling and personal representative Thomas J. Sperling to David Ostrowski Declaration of Trust and Trustee David Ostrowski, gov lot 4 in 2-39-10, $375.

Sharon R. Casey and power of attorney Jeremiah Hughes to Robert J. Hopp and Christine E. Hopp, lot 66 of plat 43 in Capich Park Subdivision, $345.

Larry Holster and Charles Holster to Michael L. Laufenberg and Kristana M. Laufenberg, gov lots 1 and 2 in block 14 of plat 355 in Turtle Lake Resort Plat H, $786.

James A. Zabel and Janet R. Zabel to Ricky W. Socha and Lori J. Socha, lots L, 145 and 146 of plat 102 in Forest Lake Plat, $1,080.

Mary Jane Keller and Todd T. Keller to Brittany L. Garfield, NW NE in 27-40-6, $438.

Estate of John J. Roach and personal representative Robert F. Roach to Essmann Trust 04/17/98, Trustee Dean R. Essmann and Trustee Pamela J. Essmann, NE SW, SW SE, SE SW, NE NW and NW NE in 9-40-7, $96.

James L. & Margaret R. Hoppe Revocable Living Trust, Trustee James L. Hoppe and Trustee Margaret R. Hoppe to James Michael Hoppe, gov lot 5 in 31-40-11, and lots 7 and 8 of plat 264 in Resthaven, $1,035.

May 1, 2019

Bates Living Trust 09/14/00 and Trustee Ann J. Bates to HRG Legacy Trust 12/22/15, gov lot 1 in 34-43-10, $210.

Sandra A. Noe to Schillinger Investments LLC, NE SW in 11-40-6, $66.

Trustee US Bank and Specialty Underwriting and Residential Finance Trust Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates to Realmad Holdings & Investments LLC, lot 4 of plat 41 in Butterfield Subdivision, $220.50.

May 2, 2019

John Biordi to William P. Bohn and Donna J. Haskins, NW SW in 28-41-10 and NE SE in 29-41-10, $49.50.

Thomas J. Wiebe to Robert D. Bradley, gov lot 3 in 23-40-5, $92.10.

Mark A. Wiebe to Robert D. Bradley, gov lot 3 in 23-40-5, $92.10.

Jason J. Bach to Garrett Luplow and Misty Luplow, gov lot 3 in 11-40-9, $645.

Julie Marjean Manthei to Austin McDonald and Megan McDonald, gov lot 2 and SE SW in 35-40-6, $613.50.

Steven L. Prather and Susan A. Leet to Timothy W. Wonn and Maryann Wonn, lot 19 of plat 863 in Whistling Pines Estates, $1,050.

Timothy R. Vedder and Anita J. Vedder to Michael J. Trollan and Regina A. Trollan, lot 20 of plat 190 in Maple Ridge Subdivision, $345.

Cory & Jacqueline Myers Joint Revocable Trust, Trustee Cory A. Myers and Trustee Jacqueline R. Myers to Jack A. & Sharlene R. Waskow Trust, gov lot 2 in 12-40-11, and NW NW and gov lot 3 in 13-40-11, $750.

Sean Michael McEnroe and Darcy Lynn McEnroe to James M. Kruzich, unit 8 of plat 780 in Timber Bay Resort Condominium, $1,080.

Triple R Storage LLC to Michael A. Acker and Kari L. Acker, gov lot 10 in 31-40-10, $1,395.

Triple R Storage LLC to State Bank of Cross Plains Cust, gov lot 10 in 31-40-10, $450.

Kevin M. Lavin to Mary Hafeman, gov lot 2 in 34-42-7, $150.

Kevin M. Lavin to John Howard Hafeman and Stacy Ann Hafeman, gov lot 2 in 34-42-7, $1,455.

May 3, 2019

Larry A. Nichol and Patricia J. Nichol to William Walter Pasciak, lots 1-8 in block 2 of plat 95 in Finley Bragonier McDonald, $705.

Secluded Land Company LLC to Ronald J. Neulist and Lorrie L. Zimmer, SW NE in 31-44-6, $171.

Steven & Elisa Justin/Farmilant Revocable Trust, Trustee Steven Justin and Trustee Elisa Farmilant to Nicholas D. Goselin, lots 13 and 14 of plat 370 in West Shore Acres, $375.