The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

May 24, 2019

Great North Bank to Kristopher Bergman and Lisa M. Sporleder, gov lots 1 and 2, and NW NE in 19-40-4, $315.

Tyler Fain and Alexis Fain to Dunn Living Trust 02/14/13, Trustee Christopher S. Dunn and Trustee Lori M. Dunn, gov lot 4 in 35-40-6 and gov lot 2 in 34-40-6, $756.

Jeffrey H. Dunn and Heidi M. Dunn to Margaret L. Peterson, unit 5 of plat 801 in Moonshadow Resort Condominium, $510.

Rachel A. Colebrook, Bruce H. Surges and Neil S. Surges to Carl J. Surges, gov lot 1 in 18-41-11, $644.70.

Kriste R. Strasburg and Lloyd F. Strasburg to David L. Osterbrink and Janine A. Osterbrink, lot 44 and outlot 3 of plat 370 in West Shore Acres, $417.

Randall P. Kopp and Barbara Jo Kopp to Scott A. Webster and Linda L. Webster, lots 30 and 31 of plat 161 in Kehteamaug Lodge, $1,360.50.

May 28, 2019

Vilas County Sheriff Agent and Estate of Charlotte M. Bouchard to Endure LLC, lots 1-3 in block 1 of plat 387 in Yeschek’s, lots 15-18 in block 3 of plat 387 in Yeschek’s and gov lot 2 in 19-40-5, $615.30.

Annis Properties LLC to Ronald R. Greening and Lisa S. Osborne, NW SW and SW SW in 20-40-11, $43.50.

Scott Rauwald to Joea LLC, gov lot 1 in 21-43-6, $465.

John J. & Sheila A. Bogusewski Revocable Trust, Trustee John J. Bogusewski and Trustee Sheila A. Bogusewski to Robert G. Mignon and Tonia Mignon, gov lot 1 in 15-40-10, $480.

Thomas A. Wasielewski and Barbara L. Wasielewski to John Rottier and Mandy Rottier, NE SW in 36-40-9, $72.

May 29, 2019

Ashley J. Anderson and Meghan M. Anderson to Andrew J. Bognar and Sadie A. Bognar, NW SW and SW SW in 30-40-7, $852.

Gerald Bruce Krause and power of attorney James M. Krause to Michael G. Nicoletti, gov lot 6 in 23-40-6, $585.

Daniel L. Lillis and Cheryl L. Lillis to Chris & Teresa Meyers Revocable Living Trust, Trustee Chris E. Meyers and Trustee Teresa L. Meyers, unit 2 of plat 824 in Fence Lake Condominiums, $847.50.

Anton G. Garbus and Linda D. Garbus to Scott C. Rippel and Kendra G. Ripple, SW NW in 18-40-11, $82.50.

John C. Choyinski and Carlyn A. Choyinski to Reid R. Jacoby and Angela M. Jacoby, gov lot 4 in 1-41-9, $68.70.

Jeffrey M. Griffey to Cody Shane Sonnentag, SE NE in 35-40-10, $420.

Frederick L. Prange Revocable Trust and Trustee Frederick L. Prange to Douglas G. Stearns and Mary K. Stearns, lot 2 and outlot 1 of plat 698 in The Former Grade School Block, $573.

James P. Prigge and Kay L. Prigge to 319 N Main St ER LLC, lots 4 and 5 in block 3 of plat 414 in Tambling’s Addition, $382.50.

Cranberry Rentals LLC to RRG Minocqua LLC, outlot 10 of plat 395 in County Clerks Plat GL6 N1/2 NW, $247.50.

Deborah L. Hale to John Sprackling and Holly Sprackling, lots 22 and 23 of plat 107 in Fremstad’s Subdivision, $270.

Lawrence Glass and Patricia Glass to Matthew Katona and Lisa Katona, gov lot 2 in 10-40-8, $402.

David C. Richmond to Frank Cosentino, unit 114 of plat 110 in Gateway Lodge Hotel Condo, $34.50.

May 30, 2019

Log Cabin Outfitters Inc to William A. Slabich Sr., gov lot 2 in 30-40-11, $480.

Rose E. Spang to Theodore J. Indermuehle to Abby L. Trapp, lots 4 and 5, outlot 1 and DPL of plat 372 in Whispering Pines, $66.

May 31, 2019

Dearborn Street Holdings LLC to Mark W. Merkel, SW NE in 34-40-10, $495.

James?J. Schmidt and Valerie J. Schmidt to Brian C. Menzer and Julie K. Menzer, gov lots 1-4, SW SW, NW NW and NE NW in 4-41-12; plat 661 of Omitted Lands 04-41-12; plat 663 of Omitted Lands 05-41-12; gov lot 2 in 5-41-12; gov lots 6-8 in 33-42-12; plat 656 of Omitted Lands 33-42-12; gov lots 4 and 5 in 34-42-12; and plat 662 of Omitted Lands 34-42-12; $477.

Mary J. Bybee to Robert F. Shultz, gov lot 1 in 15-42-9, $408.

Bernard A. Stromberg Jr. Trust and Trustee Carol L. Bidus to Joseph G. Venturella, unit 239 of plat 851 in Wild Eagle Lodge Condominium, $645.

Edward R. Swanson and Kathleen M. Swanson to Mark V. Reid, NW NE and SW NE in 12-39-10, $135.