The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

June 3, 2019

Beverly A. Burrill to Spanton Contracting LLC, gov lot 2 in 20-41-5, $741.

Secluded Land Company LLC to Dawn M. Timm and Curt P. Timm, NE SE in 23-41-9, $44.70.

Personal representative Christopher S. Slavin and Estate of Douglas W. Slagin to Marcia R. Zache and Steven T. Waldburger, lot 29 of plat 279 in Ruffwood Estates, $390.

Joseph D. & Susan K. Mei Joint Revocable Living Trust, Trustee Joseph D. Mei and Trustee Susan K. Mei to Michael W. Bachman and Barbara B. Bachman, gov lot 7 in 2-42-7, $1,530.

Linger Longer Properties LLC to David Wittig and Amy Wittig, unit 19 of plat 84 in Eagle Waters Condo Phase 2, $450.

Jerry A. Freeouf to Taylor W. Klingaman, SW SW in 5-40-9, $495.

Eleanor D. Nelson and power of attorney Martha E. Fraley to Bradford A. Haessly and Kendra K. Haessly, gov lot 8 in 11-42-7, $2,460.

Thomas G. Belzer and Charlyn M. Belzer to Mark Giebudowski and Shyla Belzer, SW SE and SE SW in 33-43-5, $495.

James R. Nellessen Sr. and Kathleen A. Nellessen to Kaitlin R. Nellessen, lot 49 of plat 23 in Birch Springs Estates, $385.50.

William E. Ellis and Tori L. Ellis to Gerald Elliot Jr., lots 5-7 in block 5 of plat 408 in Original Plat of Eagle River, $510.

Sue Ann Kampo and Little Muskie Enterprises LLC to Little Muskie Condominiums Association, units 6 and 7 of plat 836 in Little Muskie Condominiums, $45.

Syliva D. Burch to Daniel Hofmeister and Gaynal Hofmeister, SW NW in 24-42-6, $81.

June 4, 2019

Trapp Revocable Trust 12/18/98, Trustee Lynn G. Trapp, Trustee Cynthia A. Trapp, Wayne Trapp and Heidi J. Trapp-Honet to William Lemke, NW SE in 11-40-6, $36.

Andrew & Ashley Favorite Living Trust, Trustee Andrew Favorite and Trustee Ashley Favorite to Mark A. Birkholz and Lin R. Birkholz, gov lot 7 in 26-40-10, $719.70.

June 5, 2019

Gaylord & Mary Peckman Revocable Trust, Trustee Gaylord P. Peckman and Trustee Mary J. Peckman to Callie M. Mayer and Justin G. Mayer, NE NE in 24-40-6, $788.40.

Dan Richter, Tim Richter, Belinda Campanelli, Belinda Richter, Terry Richter to Tim Richter, Belinda Campanelli and Belinda Richter, gov lot 1 in 18-41-5, $355.50.

Tim Richter, Belinda Campanelli and Belinda Richter to Tim Richter and Laurie Richter, gov lot 1 in 18-41-5, $355.50.

Duane A. Stenberg to Kirsten A. Erickson and Croydon L. Kemp, gov lot 2 in 29-40-11, $234.

June 6, 2019

Jay R. Gascoigne to Suzanne Wallace, NE NW and NW NE in 34-44-6, $600.

Brian H. Stocker, Karen L. Stocker and Cynthia R. Stocker to Janice A. Peterson, SE NW in 17-43-6, $70.20.

Joseph C. Lekan and Mary B. Lekan to John Rottier and Mandy Rottier, SE NW, NE SW and NW SW in 4-39-10, $44.70.

June 7, 2019

Robert A. Gleffe and power of attorney Robert W. Gleffe to Timothy James Lerdahl and Lisa Ann Lerdahl, lots 2 and 3 of plat 94 in Faulkner Lake Assessors Plat, $540.

Kassien’s Cottage LLC and Edward L. Thrall to Dylan A. Chart, lot 4 in block 8 of plat 418 in Boulder Junction Assessors Plat and NE NW in 20-42-7, $267.

Evergreen Shores LLC to Bailey Family Revocable Living Trust 05/19/89, Trustee Gary A. Bailey and Trustee Irma M. Bailey, unit 1 of plat 1051 in Highland View Condominium $1,467