The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

June 24, 2019

Ann Moglia and Linda Moharam to Timothy Fuller and Chrys Mursky, gov lot 4 in 13-40-11, $90.

Knute & Linda Farness Revocable Trust, Trustee Knute E. Farness and Trustee Linda M. Farness to Brandy Lake Convenience LLC, lots 13-17 of plat 70 in Dennhardt’s Brandy Lake Plat and lot 4 in CSM5454, $345.

Robert A. McGinn to Robert L. Neubauer, Tami A. Neubauer and Carol A. Seguin, SW SE in 22-40-8, $265.50.

Estate of Mary Terese Pieniazek, personal representative Jeffrey Pieniazek and Estate of Mary L. Pieniazek to Jeffrey C. See, gov lot 8 in 32-40-9, $412.50.

John E. & Mary C. Manki Revocable Living Trust, Trustee John E. Manki and Trustee Mary C. Manki to Jason Hinz and Rhiannon Hinz, gov lot 1 in 35-40-8, $1,657.50.

Michael J. Wiess and David L. Wiess to Michael Schuerr and Vicki Schuerr, NE SE in 27-41-10, $450.

David P. Stender and Elizabeth A. Stender to Sean Gingery and Carrie Rowe, SE SE in 27-41-5 and NE NE in 34-41-5, $879.

Phyllis Anne Barber Revocable Trust of 05/08/07 and Trustee Phyllis Anne Barber to Harvey R. Neu and Cindy M. Neu, lots 40 and 41 of plat 102 in Forest Lake Plat, $1,956.

Sharon C. Patterson to Kayla Anderson and Thomas Ziemba, lots 23 and 24 of plat 199 in Moonlight Estates, $459.90.

June 25, 2019

Michael P. Bauer and Deborah L. Bauer to Eric Paape and Michelle Paape, gov lot 3 in 11-40-8, $458.70.

Nancy Eaton to Richard Woodrow and Elizabeth Eaton, lots 10-12 of plat 28 in Black Oak Lake Cottage Sites, $480.

Kathryn P. Gelb to Kenneth M. Walsh and Jessica N. Braun, lots 33-35 of plat 28 in Black Oak Lake Cottage Sites, $30.

Michael Dowdell and Tracy Dowdell to Charles E. Stein Jr. and Carol M. Stein, unit 6 of plat 683 in Birchwood Cove Condominium, $615.

Fred M. Troyke Revocable Trust and Trustee Fred M. Troyke to Dianne S. Parker Living Trust, gov lot 5 in 24-41-5, $1,050.

Gary S. Schaefer to James G. Bossert and Patricia A. Bossert, gov lots 3 and 4 in 10-40-8, $900.

June 26, 2019

Shirley A. Ludwig to Robert A. Winblad and Jayne L. Winblad, lots 5 and 6 in block 2 of plat 404 in Lake Park Addition, $705.

Huntington National Bank to Associated Bank, lots 8 and 11 in block 1 of plat 418 in Boulder Junction Assessors Plat, $1,065.90.

Michael E. Mack Revocable Trust and Trustee Michael E. Mack to Christopher Karl Yakes and Ginger Marie Yakes, gov lot 1 in 10-43-7 and gov lot 1 in 11-43-7, $1,515.

June 27, 2019

Lake Content LLC to Lynn Duncan 2013 Revocable Trust, lot 8 of plat 995 in Eaglewatch, $712.50.

Jennifer Johnson-Calari and Portia Johnson to Keith Johnson and Roark Johnson, gov lot 7 in 5-42-6, $2,208.60.

William H. Bosshard to Michael E. Hervey and Denise C. Hervey, lot 26 of plat 863 in Whistling Pines Estates, $95.70.

Wayne D. Petterson and Deborah Petterson to Mark J. Hogan and Valerie Hogan, SE SW in 3-42-10, and NW NW and NE NW in 10-42-10, $165.

Stormy Waters LLC to Timothy Carden and Kelly Carden, gov lot 1 in 11-41-9, $1,665.

June 28, 2019

Mark E. Meitzen and Kay L. Meitzen to Atlas Properties LLC, gov lot 4 in 23-41-10, $1,236.

Janis McKinnon and Karen Garske to Jason J. Bach and Nichole A. Bach, SW SE and SE SE in 31-40-10, $600.

Michael Allen Maass and Susan Maass to Marvin R. Simcakoski and Linda M. Simcakoski, lot 21 of plat 379 in Wilson Park, $247.50.

Roger R. & Barbara J. Gruhle Revocable Trust of 2008, Trustee Roger R. Gruhle and Trustee Barbara J. Gruhle to KS & MJ McAllister Erzinger Revocable Trust, Trustee Kip Stirling Erzinger and Trustee Mary Jean McAllister Erzinger, units 306 and 32 of plat 853 in Eagle Waters Resort Condo, $825.

Michael Bryan and Gina Bryan to Jon F. Leonhard and Bridget A. Leonhard, gov lot 3 in 23-40-5, $1,170.

Kathleen E. Brynolf to Stephen P. & Wendy S. Fox Joint Revocable Trust, lots 19 and 20 of plat 1 in Adams Wally Stormy Lake Subdivision, $2,250.