The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

July 1, 2019

Sheldon M. Haban to Brian H. Zweifel, lot 17 of plat 23 in Birch Springs Estates, $239.70.

George Lee Kelling Trust and Trustee Catherine M. Coles to Kent Newman, lots 26 and 27 of plat 1 in Adams Wally Stormy Lake Subdivision, $772.80.

Catherine M. Coles to Kent Newman, lots 26 and 27 of plat 1 in Adams Wally Stormy Lake Subdivision, $622.20.

Frank C. Witthun and Susan W. Witthun to Carl E. & Patricia A. Schultz Revocable Trust, gov lot 2 and NW NE in 36-42-5, $2,670.

Lance S. Wirth to M&B Seabold Trust No. 4-93, Trustee Michael K. Seabold and Trustee Belinda J. Seabold, SW SW in 25-40-8, $809.70.

Jerry L. Radies, Sharon R. Radies, Jay Radies, Julie Schoenike and Jodie Brennan to Anthony Busalacchi, SE NW in 26-41-10, $615.

Ross G. & Ruth E. Haller Family Trust, Trustee Ross G. Haller and Trustee Ruth E. Haller to Dorothy J. Burrow, SW SW and SE SW in 9-40-9, and gov lot 1 in 16-40-9, $850.50.

Michael J. Wirth and Gina Wirth to Thomas E. Hedrick and Pamela K. Hedrick, gov lots 5 and 6 in 11-43-7, $285.

Debbie G. Asprooth, Ted S. Asprooth and power of attorney Debbie G. Asprooth to Michael S. Bauer, lot 6 of plat 67 in Deerwood Beach, $660.

James G. Bossert and Patricia Anne Bossert to Robert A. Kurudza and Pamela M. Kurudza, gov lot 3 in 10-40-8, $766.50.

Steven M. Buss and Amy J. Zapp to C-Ville LLC, gov lots 1 and 3 in 14-42-5 and plat 876 of Island 14-42-05 G1, $2,175.

James W. Ryan Trust, Trustee James W. Ryan, Frances J. Ryan Trust and Trustee Frances J. Ryan Trust to Rodney Garschagen, unit 17 of plat 824 in Fence Lake Condominium, $344.70.

Jerome Reed Coleman to John G. Kula and Mandi J. Kula, lot 2 and outlot 2 of plat CSM5470, and gov lot 5 in 36-40-4, $405.

Travis M. Tomlanovich and Shana M. Tomlanovich to Jeremy Calix, gov lot 9 in 35-40-9, $255.

Rodney Garschagen to Michael J. Reynolds and Mary J. Reynolds, unit 19 of plat 824 in Fence Lake Condominiums, $810.

Jeremy J. Satterburg and Amber R. Satterburg to Allen H. DeZeeuw and Darlene C. Boyd-DeZeeuw, lot 9 of plat 785 in Golden Retreat Estates, $1,200.

Paul D. Heck and Karen L. Heck to Forrest C. Muehlethaler Trust and Alice A. Muehlethaler Trust, gov lot 3 in 7-42-10, $270.

Donald J. & Carole F. Berglin Irrevocable Trust, Trustee Donald J. Berglin and Trustee Carole F. Berglin to Pamela Penzey, NE NE and gov lot 1 in 14-43-5, $840.

July 2, 2019

Patricia Pfeiffer, Patricia Pfieffer, Donald Pfeiffer and Donald Pfieffer to Forest W. Pike and Lisa M. Pike, SW SW in 12-41-11, $84.

Debra A. Martin to Joshua Ison and Bethany Ison, NW NW in 12-40-9, $465.

John Pinkert and Emily Pinkert to Joshua A. Millman and Megan L. Millman, gov lot 6 in 23-41-10, $128.70.

Christopher Pinkert, David Pinkert, Judith E. Schwartz and John R. Pinkert to Joshua A. Millman and Megan L. Millman, gov lot 6 in 23-41-10 and gov lot 5 in 24-41-10, $201.30.

Lake Content LLC to Andrew R. Fritsch and Jackie L. Fritsch, lot 9 of plat 995 in Eaglewatch, $720.

Berndt K. Fetzer and Doreen M. Fetzer to Thomas I. Baker and Laurinda J. Baker, units 32 and 83 of plat 716 in Bradford Point Condominium, $1,620.

Lynne L. Frey to Timothy Follett and Valerie Follett, NE NE in 34-42-10, $105.

Frances P. Blankenheim to Day Investments LLC, SW NE in 10-42-7, $1,011.

Philip J. Wencek to Shadow Venture LLC, unit 4 of plat 211 in Nob Hill Condo, $720.

James F. Puchter and Patricia A. Puchter to Michele D. Hasz, unit 37E of plat 675 in Brandy Lake Condominium, $765.

Thomas Smith Revocable Trust and Trustee Scott Thomas Smith to Holly Smith Grattan, Heather Smith Grattan and James Smith Grattan, gov lot 1 in 12-40-10, $405.

Chris W. Hiller and Barbara J. Hiller to Richard A. Zanon and Jan Marie Zanon, SE NE in 33-41-8 and SW NW in 34-41-8, $37.50.

Randal A. Hovey and Kurt E. Hovey to Watersmeet Partners LLC, gov lot 4 and SE SE in 20-44-5, $450.

July 3, 2019

Joan M. Bostrom Revocable Trust and Trustee Joan M. Bostrom to Mark D. & Sandra Lee Brown Gellis Trust, Trustee Mark D. Gellis and Trustee Sandra Lee Brown Gellis, gov lot 2 and NW SW in 34-40-7, $810.

Jack R. Kraft and Barbara J. Kraft to Peggy J. Taylor, gov lot 6 in 8-40-5, $525.

Neal C. Anderson to Pukall Lumber Company, lot 2 in CSM5467 and SE NE in 25-40-6, $36.

Lawrence & Sandra Neitzel Revocable Trust, Trustee Lawrence Neitzel and Trustee Sandra Neitzel to Thomas A. Wasielewski and Barbara L. Wasielewski, gov lots 1 and 2 in 31-40-10, $927.

Christine A. Eckert to Jessica E. Goulet, gov lot 9 in 28-40-10, $285.

July 5, 2019

Elizabeth A. Weber Trust, Trustee Elizabeth A. Weber and Elizabeth A. Weber to Chance Halada, SE NW and NW SE in 33-40-5, $142.50.

Kenneth T. Sullivan and Marcella A. Sullivan to Patrick W. McCormack and Alice M. McCormack, NE NW and SE NW in 35-41-10, $1,458.

Susan Medenica to Craig J. Vanark, SE NW and NE SW in 18-43-5, $247.50.

John Peters and Cristy Peters to Thom Northern Nest LLC, lot 104 of plat 851 in Wild Eagle Lodge Condominium, $724.50.

James D. Riege and Steven P. Riege to Mary B. Johannes and John W. Riege, lots 1, 2 and 16 in block 1 of plat 3 in Ahlborn’s Elmer Subdivision, $30.