The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

March 13, 2020

Christina E. Cabelka, Christina E. Rouse and Karen Marie Cabelka to Craig Gehr and Maryna Gehr, NW SW in 21-41-10, $467.70.

Lisa A. Myszka to Terry B. Uhlenbrauck, lots 1, 2, 9 and 10 of block 13 in Racine Community Beach, and lots 9 and 18 of block 32 in Racine Community Beach, $60.

March 16, 2020

Joshua Joslin and Candice Joslin to Jack E. Stoskopf Jr. and Sara J. Stoskopf, SE SE in 14-40-10, $69.

Obrenski Living Trust and Trustee James L. Obrenski to The Entrust Group Inc., NW NW in 34-40-10, $1,875.

Derek B. Moore to Luke P. Konkel and Erin G. Konkel, gov lot 2 in 26-40-6, $430.50.

Weiguang Ma and Lei Hao to Mark J. Charniak and Kim Schroeder Charniak, gov lot 5 in 34-40-5, $921.

March 17, 2020

Grace I. Vickerstaff to Kip J. Kobussen and Lianne P. Kobussen, gov lot 2 in 24-40-5, $135.

Grace I. Vickerstaff Residence Trust and Trustee Grace I. Vickerstaff to Kip J. Kobussen and Lianne P. Kobussen, gov lot 2 in 24-40-5, $540.

Sparkowski Revocable Trust 12/11/97, Trustee Daniel Sparkowski and Trustee Virginia Sparkowski to Robert G. Renkas, NW SW in 27-40-6, $128.40.

Clifford W. Anderson Living Trust, Trustee Elaine J. Anderson and Trustee Clifford W. Anderson to Smith 2012 Joint Revocable Trust, Trustee Matthew Smith and Trustee Mary Caye Smith, lot 28 in Adams Wally Stormy Lake Subdivision, $1,740.

Catherine J. Heilman, Patricia A. Sinkiawic and Betty J. Doyle to Steven F. Sinkiawic and Patricia A. Sinkiawic, gov lots 1 and 2 in 1-42-7, $210.

Marie Merrill to Mark S. Schwerke, Michael W. Schwerke and Thomas A. Cotter, gov lot 1 in 2-41-11, $32.10.

March 18, 2020

Chance Halada to Alice L. Koepke, SE NW in 33-40-5, $135.

Christopher M. Cremer to Robert W. Fischer Sr. and Elizabeth L. Senise-Brown, NW SE and gov lot 1 in 31-42-6, $265.20.

March 19, 2020

Ardis C. Berghoff to Jeremiah J. Smith and Laura P. Smith, gov lot 1 in 28-44-5, $915.

March 20, 2020

Donald B. Morlan Living Trust and Trustee Donald B. Morlan to Terrence Lee & Natasha Leticia Paff 2017 Living Trust, Trustee Terrence Lee Paff and Trustee Natasha Leticia Paff, gov lot 5 in 24-40-8, outlots 1 and 2 in plat 101 of Forest Hills and gov lot 3 in 25-40-8, $1,200.

TeamRND Company LLC to Michael Justin Millis Living Trust and Trustee Michael Justin Millis, unit 5 in Roadrunner Resort Condo, $75.

Brian L. Goodman and Melinda D. Goodman to George M. Canavan and Leigh Ann Canavan, unit 1 in Idle-Wild Resort Condominium, $357.

Gerald R. Tyrrell, Linda J. Tyrrell, James C. Federman, Susan M. Federman, William Myers Irrevocable Trust and Trustee Gerald R. Tyrrell to Eagle Point LLC, lots 13 and 14 in Wilson Park, $870.

Prohaska Revocable Trust 08-16-95, Trustee Edward Prohaska and Trustee Dolores M. Prohaska to Deanne M.P. Kidd and Jay R. Kidd, NW NE in 33-40-6, $120.

Michael D. Baum and Janice L. Baum to Jason J. Szmurlo and Pete E. Castritsis, units 233 and 235 in Gateway Lodge Hotel Condo, $52.50.

Joseph A. Weber and Mary M. Weber to Michael J. Somers and Amber L. Somers, lots 64 and 65 in Holiday Estates, $283.50.

Brian James Seeger to Mark Zvitkovits and Heather Zvitkovits, NW NE and SW NE in 31-43-8, $90.

March 23, 2020

Estate of Lucille I. Morris and personal representative David Evans to Timothy Hyson and Kim Hyson, lots 25 and 26 in Indian Woods, $255.

Estate of Henry A. Voss III and guardian Richard E. Hemming to True North Condo’s LLC, gov lot 10 in 14-42-5, $795.

Susan Kraut Living Trust and Trustee Susan Kraut to True North Condo’s LLC, gov lot 10 in 14-42-5, $1,590.

Great Northern Adventure Company to Abigail Stecker, gov lot 6 in 19-40-11, $240.

Mark K. Bauldry to Bryan B. Vaness, SE SW, NE SW and NW SW in 18-41-9, $75.

David A. Brandt and Renee L. Brandt to Rick A. Rasico and Marie A. Rasico, lots 1-4 and 18-30 in Pickerel Lake Beach and SW SW in 33-41-9, $1,350.

Steven Grabenstetter to Stephen S. Dienhart and Sarah A. Dienhart, lot 7 in Adams Wally Stormy Lake Subdivision, $1,327.50.

March 24, 2020

Jack R. Bull, Barbara J. Bull and power of attorney Alison M. Koda to Dan E. & Jennifer L. Huth Joint Revocable Trust, Trustee Dan E. Huth and Trustee Jennifer L. Huth, gov lots 5, 6, 19 and 20 in 4-43-5, $552.

Hugh A. McCann to Michael Kirby Lawlis, gov lot 6 in 13-40-10, $804.

March 25, 2020

Gerald A. Guzman to Darrell G. Rohn and Kay D. Rohn, gov lot 8 in 9-41-6, $570.

Edward J. Johnston to Jasmine J. Sweo, lots 10 and 11 of block 4 in St. Germain Park Estates, $76.50.

Shanna C. Stein to Mitchell Frondal, outlot 6 in County Clerks Plat GL 4 & 5, $292.50.

Mary Anne T. Kellner to Andrew A. Alesauskas, lot 7 of block 1 in Arrowhead Lake Subdivision, lots 16 and 34 of block 2 in Arrowhead Lake Subdivision, and outlot 2 in Arrowhead Lake Subdivision, $450.

Sutten L. Stephan to Michael J. Lange, gov lot 1 and NW NW in 3-39-10, $60.

Michael A. Richie and Stacy Richie to Michael R. Rydeski and Kelly M. Rydeski, NW SW in 7-40-11, $1,035.

Scott J. Motto and Keri J. Jewell to HMM Real Estate Holdings LLC, lots 4-7 in Smile-A-While, and SW NW and gov lot 2 in 30-40-11, $1,260.

Leonard J. Coulman to Lance R. Kropidlowski and Nicole R. Kropidlowski, lots 9 and 10 in Robinson Plat, $1,047.

March 26, 2020

Pieces of Eight LLC to Richard M. Carani Revocable Trust and Carol Carani Revocable Trust, lot 11 in Duner, $36.