The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

Dec. 30, 2020

Estate of Nicole L. Burmeister and personal representative Abigail Burmeister to Mary E. Consoer, NW NW in 36-40-10, $366.

Endure LLC to Richard Kautzer, lots 1-3 of block 1 in Yeschek’s, gov lot 2 in 19-40-5, and lots 15-18 of block 3 in Yeschek’s, $675.

IncredibleBank to Peter J. Baltus Trust of 2016, lot 1 of block 1 in Tambling’s Addition, and lots 4 and 5 of block 2 in Dickinson Cook & Tambling Addition, $975.

William E. Clothier to Angela M. Clothier, lots 15-18 of block 3 in Yeschek’s, $510.

Michael Bauer and Joyce Bauer to Drew G. Zimmerman and Diana M. Zimmerman, gov lots 2 and 3, and SE NE in 17-42-7, $1,014.

Lake Content LLC to Andrew T. Gonring, lot 25 in Eaglewatch, $135.

Richard J. Barker and Dawn M. Barker to Deutscher Revocable Trust 11/30/00, Trustee Gary D. Deutscher and Trustee Barbara A. Deutscher, lot 19 in In-Wood-Tee Estates, $30.

Charles A. Kostka and Laurie J. Kostka to Deutscher Revocable Trust 11/30/00, Trustee Gary D. Deutscher and Trustee Barbara A. Deutscher, lot 20 in In-Wood-Tee Estates, $30.

Dec. 31, 2020

Robinson Investment Properties LLC to Frank J. Reinhardt Living Trust, Trustee Kathleen G. Reinhardt, Trustee Frank J. Reinhardt and Kathleen G. Reinhardt Living Trust, gov lot 6 in 34-40-8, $2,394.

Vogt Revocable Trust 09/01/17, Trustee James G. Vogt and Trustee Carolyn E. Vogt to James L. Bergquist and Mary Therese Bergquist, SE SW in 29-41-10, $295.50.

Gerard K. Wolf and Barbara J. Wolf to James L. Bergquist and Mary Therese Bergquist, SE SW in 29-41-10, $295.50.

Nicholas D. Simonis to Randy R. Ochs, SE SE and gov lot 1 in 31-42-6, $660.

Thomas J. Atchison Revocable Trust, Trustee Thomas J. Atchison, Trustee Patricia A. Atchison and Patricia A. Atchison Revocable Trust to The Reading Squirrel’s Nest Trust, gov lots 1, 6 and 7 in 2-40-9, $413.10.

Thomas Korinek to William Korniek, NE NW in 25-42-9, $75.

William Korniek to Scott W. Krug and Angela M. Krug, NE NW in 25-42-9, $209.70.

Jakob Klessig and Emily Anne Klessig to Brenda Moline-Bass and Joseph F. Bass, NW SW in 34-40-9, $795.

BBTB Management LLC to Curt Schicker and Michele Schicker, lots 198-200 in Forest Lake Plat, $2,100.

GPS Inc. to Brian R. Durst and Meghan G. Durst, units 107 and 24 in Eagle Waters Resort Condo, $699.

Jan. 4, 2021

Daniel N. Koharko Separate Property Trust and Trustee Daniel N. Koharko to Daniel N. Koharko 2019 Irrevocable Trust and Trustee Scott B. Loncki, lot 1 in CSM5437, gov lots 1 and 2 in 36-40-10, and lots 1-5 in Crow’s Nest, $3,762.

Premium Properties LP to Wisconsin Victory Retail Inc., NW SE in 31-40-10, $810.

James G. Ostertag to George Andrew Horan and Kathryn Margaret Horan, gov lot 9 in 29-41-12, $285.

Jan. 5, 2021

Gregory D. Krueger to Steven Hemauer, NW SW in 35-40-8, $525.

St. Peter the Fisherman Catholic Congregation to David J. Leack, unit 1 in Eagle Estates V Condominium, $597.

Carol L. Williams Declaration of Trust, Trustee Carol L. Williams and Williams Declaration of Trust 10/23/02 to Diane L. Dougherty Declaration of Trust and Trustee Diane L. Dougherty, lots 3 and 4 in Eagle Acres, $150.

Neal E. Dodd and Julie M. Dodd to David R. George and Mary K. George, gov lot 6 in 23-40-6, $2,519.10.

Timothy J. Brim to Greg P. Fernandez and Stacy J. Fernandez, unit 6 in Sunrise Shores Condominium, $440.40.

Margaret Domeny Smith to Stephen W. Sinner and Marcia A. Sinner, gov lot 3 in 6-40-5, $547.50.

Thomas A. Kramer and Barbara L. Kramer to Veldt Acquisitions Corp, NW NW in 30-42-6, $450.

Kathleen M. Lodes to Steven F. Kessler and Debra K. Kessler, gov lot 2 in 19-43-9, $525.

World Business Lenders LLC to Daniel J. Brzezinski and Jennifer L. Brzezinski, gov lot 4 in 11-42-7, $355.50.

Curtis R. Adams to John Joseph Heibler and Carol E. Kaniewski, gov lot 1 in 34-43-10, $225.

Jeffrey D. Schmidt to Christopher Komorowski and Kari Komorowski, SW NW in 30-40-10, $504.

Halada Properties LLC to Lauren R. Riedel, lot 13 of block 2 in Original Plat of Eagle River, $385.50.

Jan. 6, 2021

Robert E. Smith and Linda L. Smith to Matthew A. Lazarski and Jennifer J. Lazarski, SW SE and SE SE in 28-40-9, $388.50.

Angela Tomes and Mark Budnik to Elizabeth M. Tomes and William A. Dickens Jr., gov lot 4 in 11-40-4, $219.

Lynne L. Frey to Kyle B. Szott, NE SE and gov lot 3 in 36-40-8, $31.50.

Donald H. Keck and Christine M.R. Keck to Tak Rental Properties LLC, unit 7 in Cox’s Estrold Resort Condo, $372.

Alpine Construction and Stone LLC to Ashley Streck and Brittany Streck, NE SW in 36-41-10, $723.90.

Henry Colonna Trust, Trustee Karen Petlicki and Lorraine Colonna Trust to Michael W. Etten and Diane L. Etten, NE NE in 32-40-8, $37.50.

Estate of George A. Hatcher, IND EXEC Kevin T. Hatcher and IND EXEC Shelly A. Windett to Edward W. Brouch and Christine E. Brouch, gov lot 7 in 12-40-10, $96.

Martha G. Flaherty and Martha Millen Flaherty to Mark T. Millen, SE SE in 21-43-7; NW NW in 27-43-7; and NE SW, NW SW, SW SW and SE SW in 22-43-7, $667.50.

Jan. 7, 2021

Charles D. Jacobus Jr. to Sari Kay Henley and David Clemens Henley, gov lot 6 in 19-43-6, $82.80.

Robert A. Heil and Judith A. Meyer Heil to Ronald D. Lee and Lori A. Lee, NE NW in 26-42-6, $30.

F. Theodore & Barbara Hopkins Revocable Trust and Trustee Jean Gunsolley-Bauer to Leslie S. Finley, NW NE in 35-40-6, $645.

National Finance 1 LLC to Michael B. Sailer, lot 4 and outlot 1 in Norwood Reserve, $112.50.

Anchor LLC to Thomas A. Hipp and Amy M. Hipp, lot 30 in Deer Path Estates, $48.

Margaret Erm Revocable Living Trust and Trustee Thomas Frandy to Jay E. Novak and Christine S. Novak, lots 5 and 6 in Courtney Heights, $672.

Darlene Craig to David A. Klessig and Tracy L. Klessig, SW NW in 15-40-9, $114.

James & Sarah Mohr Trust, Trustee James B. Mohr, Trustee Sarah J. Mohr, James B. Mohr and Sarah J. Mohr to Evergreene and Co. LLC, lots 4 and 5 of block 1 in Dickinson Cook & Tambling Addition, $600.

Terris Boyer and Robyn Boyer to John W. Leason and Craig Leason, SW SE in 11-41-11, $120.

Jan. 8, 2021

Lake Content LLC to Michelle P. Canney, lot 40 in Eaglewatch, $405.

Camp George No. 1 LLC to The Pass LLC, NW NW, NE NW, SW NW and SE NW in 9-41-9, $660.

Camp George No. 2 LLC to The Crest LLC, NE NW, SW NW, SE NW and NW NW in 4-41-9, $765.

Camp George No. 4 LLC to The Glades LLC, NW SE and SW SE in 4-41-9, and NW NE and SW NE in 9-41-9, $675.

John M. Rizleris, Deanne D. Rizleris, Michael A. Zielke and Cheryl S. Zielke to Wicks Wittle Woods LLC, gov lot 5 in 31-40-11, $945.

Henry C. Mayo and Ardyce M. Mayo to Robert Williams and Pamela Williams, NW NE in 25-41-10, $72.

Julian Figueroa, power of attorney Florence Figueroa and Florence Figueroa to Shawn M. Briscoe, SE SW in 6-39-10, $771.

Kay Hershberger to Jeromy Skibinski, lot 1 in CSM5567 and NE NW in 32-40-11, $360.

Paul Reid II LLC to Peter T. Eldredge and Sandra J. Eldredge, SE NE, and gov lots 1 and 3 in 19-40-11; and gov lot 8 in 20-40-11, $30.

Custom Components of Eagle River Inc. to Joshua C. Paetow and Carolyn M. Paetow, lot 40 in Timbergate, $37.50.

Jan. 11, 2021

Mark R. Tallar to Ronald A. Petricek and Jaime N. Petricek, lots 1 and 2 in Viking Village, and gov lot 1 in 13-41-10, $140.70.

Bradley C. Wedow and Irvine G. Wedow to Dennis J. Bolton and Linda M. Bolton, gov lot 5 in 17-42-10, $300.

James A. Bojar II and Marikay M. Bojar to Perry Barrette and Stacey Barrette, gov lot 2 in 6-40-10, $54.

James A. Bojar II and Marikay M. Bojar to Perry Barrette and Stacey Barrette, gov lot 2 in 6-40-10, $381.

Billie A. Wiggenhauser to Jeffrey Lee Butts, Dawn Lynette Butts and Dan Lee Butts, SW SW in 29-42-9, $90.

Jeffrey Williquette and Melinda Williquette to Thorpe Biegel, gov lots 1 and 2 in 4-39-10, $780.

Timothy R. Novak and Kristine C. Novak to Lance Wirth, NW SE and SW NE in 36-40-8, $55.50.

Jan. 12, 2021

J&E Rentals LLC to Jeremy J. Schlitt, SW NE in 4-39-10, $180.

Trapp Revocable Trust 12/18/98, Trustee Lynn G. Trapp and Trustee Cynthia A. Trapp to Wayne Trapp, NE SW and SE SW in 24-40-6, $256.50.

Timothy J. Hargraves and Penny E. Hargraves to Steve A. Stagno, NE SW in 35-42-9, $615.

Maple Ridge Investments Inc. to Gregory A. & Suzanne M. Herfindahl Revocable Trust and Zachary R. Herfindahl, NW NW, SW NW and gov lot 3 in 17-40-10, $1,551.30.

Kelly L. Buttitta and Kelly L. Fassbender to Ryan W. Luttringer, NW NE in 12-41-11, $195.

Frederick J. Ewig and Cynthia L. Ewig to Gruca Properties LP, NW NW in 20-43-7 and NE NE in 19-43-7, $75.

Dennis A. Danowski and Kim M. Danowski to Gregory B. Williams and Jeanette M. Williams, SE SE in 36-41-10, $165.

Chris Klessig and Rayna M. Klessig to O’Brien Family Trust, SW NE and NW SE in 7-41-9, $75.

Trustee John Henry Druffel III and John Henry Druffel III Revocable Trust to Jeffrey C. Chmielewski, SW NW and NW NW in 31-41-6, and SE NE in 36-41-5, $420.