The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

March 29, 2021

Roseann C. Hogan to John G. Aufrere, lot 5 in West Shore Acres, $268.20.

Estate of Jackie B. Harrison and personal representative Frederick J. Schellgell to Nahele LLC, gov lot 1 in 26-44-6; and gov lots 3 and 4 in 35-44-6, $629.70.

Dale L. Hackbart and Cheryl A. Hackbart to Peter D. Bachman and Nichole L. Roling-Bachman, gov lot 7 in 15-40-4 and SE SE in 9-40-4, $930.

Jack C. Rusch and?Judith L. Rusch to Mary E. Rafferty Declaration of Trust and Trustee Mary E. Rafferty, lots 1 and 2 in CSM5592, lots 1 and 2 in CSM5590, and lots 59-64 in Forest Lake Plat, $5,700.

Nicholas D. Simonis and Jensina L. Simonis to Joseph D. Karpenske and Amy S. Karpenske, lot 2 in CSM5357 and SE SE in 31-42-6, $1,199.70.

Karmen Dircks and Linda Dircks to Gateway 2-117 LLC, unit 117 in Gateway Lodge Hotel Condo, $51.

Glen W. Boltz to Adam J. Fischer, gov lots 2-5 in 26-44-5, gov lots 6 and 7 in 23-44-5, and SW NW and gov lot 1 in 25-44-5, $270.

George F. Jacobs Jr. to Paula D. Hammersley, gov lot 2 in 27-40-10, $420.

March 30, 2021

Jenick Properties LLC to Brett J. Ratajczak, lots 9 and 10 of block 1 in Elk Mound Subdivision, $660.

Albino RK Lane Holdings LLC to Carol A. Itzkowitz, lot 35 in Deer Path Estates, $52.50.

Marilyn Will Trust, Trustee Marilyn E. Will and Trustee James L. Will to Dennis K. Herman and Amy Herman, NE NE in 11-39-10, $345.

William M. Ellis and Janice M. Ellis to Matthew Klessig and Kelli Klessig, NE NW, NW NW, SW NW and SE NW in 2-40-10, $792.

True North Condo’s LLC to Sean P. McCaleb and Lisa A. McCaleb, unit 5 in True North Condominium, $2,325.

Matthew Klessig and Kelli Klessig to Randy G. Knie Jr. and Sarah M. Kine, lot 1 in CSM5598, and lots 1-5 and 15-20 in Pickerel Lake Beach, $825.

Lori A. Siegler to James D. Hinterleitner and Kelsey E. Hinterleitner, lot 8 of block 1 in Arrowhead Lake Subdivision, lots 16 and 34 of block 2 in Arrowhead Lake Subdivision, and outlot 2 in Arrowhead Lake Subdivision, $450.

Daniel A. Romag and Brandi L. Romag to Three Happy Kampers LLC, units 6 and 15 in Pine Haven Condominium, $660.

Terry C. Hillegonds to David S. Senfelds and Lynn M. Senfelds, gov lot 6 in 7-40-5 and gov lot 2 in 18-40-5, $1,462.50.

March 31, 2021

County Line KR Investors LLC to Matthew G. Shaw and Abbey E. Shaw, SW NW and gov lot 7 in 13-43-7, $216.

Pinestone Crossing LLC to Anthony R. Winger and Trina Winger, unit 01 of building A10 in Pinestone Crossing Condominium, $102.

Thomas C. Marion and Pamela J. Marion to Lance S. Wirth and Suzanne M. Wirth, SW NE in 36-40-8, $78.

Curt Olejniczak and Janice Olejniczak to Donna Jean O’Dwyer Living Trust, lot 3 and outlot 1 in Olejniczak’s Northland Resort Replat, $727.50.

April 1, 2021

Christina M. Meyer to Cascade North LLC, gov lot 6 in 31-42-7, $246.

Cindy L. Saunders to Nestor Rojas, SW SW in 25-40-10, $496.50.

Cynthia S. Poletto Revocable Trust and Trustee Cynthia S. Poletto to Gregory A. Eisele and Aimee N. Eisele, unit 10 in Elbert’s Resort Condo, $1,056.

Heritage Enterprises to Brad A. Placzek and Brenda A. Placzek, SE SW, NE SW and NW SW in 19-41-6, $209.70.

Pine Haven Property Management Inc. to Jean A. Lord, gov lot 2 in 35-40-8, $825.

David A. & Ellen E. Schlichting Declaration of Trust, Trustee David A. Schlichting and Trustee Ellen E. Schlichting to Thomas W. & Sandy W. Troxell Revocable Trust, gov lot 8 in 30-40-10, $1,050.

Robert A. Labs and Amy M. Labs to Debra A. Stephenson, SW NW in 34-41-8 and SE NE in 33-41-8, $49.50.

Estate of Susan K. Sorg and personal representative Julie A. Girard to Thomas J. & Jeri L. Busha Revocable Trust, lots 8-10 of block 3 in Dickinson Cook & Tambling Addition, $372.

April 5, 2021

Kraig & Diana Renken Trust, Trustee Kraig R. Renken and Trustee Diana C. Renken to Jon R. Ebert and Janet L. Ebert, unit 1 in Buckskin Resort Condominium, $621.

Estate of Gary L. Pergolski and personal representative Daniel Pergolski to Mark A. Simon and Carol L. Simon, unit 112 in Bradford Point Condominium, $37.50.

Bruce L. Becker to Brett J. Becker, Courtney J. Becker James and Stacia E. Schmidt, gov lot 2 in 18-41-11, $225.

Edward L. Weide and Kim E. Weide to John A. MacLean, gov lots 3 and 4, and NW SE and SW SE in 34-44-6; and lots 1 and 2 of block 6 in Village of Winegar, $135.

Gail Caskey to Jacob Crass and Allyson Crass, NW NW in 6-41-12, $180.

TCDEARTH LLC to Mark Hallman, unit 2 in Deer Run Condo, $1,155.

Dane M. Mooney and Mary Beth Mooney to Donald J. Kretlow and Rebecca L. Kretlow, lot 11 in White Feather Woods and gov lot 3 in 33-41-5, $42.

B Revocable Trust and Trustee Anthony J. Bogdanovich to Serena Marinelli and Kyle H. Denton, NE SW, SE SW, NW SE and SW SE in 21-43-7, $90.

Eugene J. Balcerzak to Jeffrey M. Miller and Patricia M. Miller, SE NW in 4-39-10, $50.10.

April 6, 2021

Joseph G. Stodola to Mark A. Compe, lots 23-25 in Lake Charlotte Cabin Sites and gov lot 6 in 33-43-10, $239.40.

Travis S. Trapp and Gale Trapp to Ronald W. Clarke and Ann R. Clarke, lot 2 in CSM5574; and SE SE and SW SE in 36-40-6, $1,081.80.

Sheri C. Shoberg to Donald Scharf Revocable Trust, NE NE in 33-40-10, $300.

KMGOS LLC to Penelope Rose Inc., SE SW in 34-43-9, $1,140.

Jeffrey J. Hands and Kristen A. Hands to John McEnroe and Ruth McEnroe, NE NE in 34-41-5, $916.50.

William H. Mottashed III and Elizabeth A. Mottashed to Anchor Haven LLC, gov lot 5 in 35-40-8, $1,050.

James L. Donker Trust and Trustee James L. Donker to Kay Wagner Trust and Trustee Kay Wagner, NW NW in 19-40-11, $570.

April 8, 2021

Davis Family Real Estate LP to Lisa A. Cannata Revocable Trust and Trustee Lisa A. Cannata, lots 1 and 2 in CSM5573, lots 1 and 2 in CSM5497, and gov lot 1 in 25-40-8, $2,580.