The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

April 8, 2021

Thomas P. Connelly, Judith R. Schneider and Judith R. Connelly to Tony & Kathleen Cole Revocable Trust, Trustee Tony J. Cole and Trustee Kathleen M. Cole, gov lots 4 and 8 in 22-40-10, $2,430.

Inge R. Knauz Trust and Trustee Inge R. Knauz to Bradley P. Burke and Mary T. Burke, gov lot 1 in 33-41-10 and unit 1 in Whitetail Meadows Condominium, $900.

April 9, 2021

Trustee BMO Harris Bank and Catherine Mulrooney Irrevocable Trust to Timothy E. Mulrooney, gov lot 8 in 26-40-10, $270.

Kim R. Sauer, Patrick E. George and Lori’Ann Scafaro to Timothy Winter and Sarah Korpela, SE SE in 25-40-9, $58.50.

IPO-17 LLC to Trustee Anthony P. Williams, unit 17 in Copper Woodlands Condominium, $1,575.

Brian J. Strachota, Traci L. Starchota, John Curran and Jodi Curran to Hans J. Hinke and Julie A. Hinke, SE SW in 20-43-9, $114.

Clifford F. Loader II and Jeffrey D. Loader to Trustee Seth K. Williams, Trustee Kathryn L. Williams and Seth & Kathryn Williams Joint Revocable Trust, lots 8-10 in Halbert’s Bay Cottage Sites, $2,400.

Richard E. Hamann to Paul J. Scheffel, unit 130 in Gateway Lodge Hotel Condo, $36.

Nickolas Somers and Nicholas Somers to Trustee Peggy Joann Johnson, Trustee Dennis Sidney Johnson and Joann & Dennis Sidney Johnson Trust, gov lot 6 in 8-40-5, $180.

April 12, 2021

Melissa Lynn Bagley to Jason Massman, NW SW in 32-40-5, $144.90.

VMC/BGC (Eagle Waters) LLC to Rippel Properties LLC, unit 106 in Eagle Waters Resort Condo, $675.

CWM Associates to William J. Kalata and Jody S. Kalata, gov lot 10 in 29-41-12, $180.

Christopher Hoffman and Kristin P. Hoffman to Ryan C. Burgy, NE NW in 7-40-11, $570.

Bryan Yakel and Tina M. Yakel to Christopher J. Hoffman, NE NW, NW NW, SW NW and SE NW in 28-41-10, $779.70.

Leslie A. Rasch-Hiller to Robert P. Gunville and Deborah A. Gunville, gov lots 3 and 4 in 34-40-8, and unit 2 and garage 11 in Pine Haven Condominium, $537.

Marvin T. Davis and Ashley R. Davis to James E. Poluyanskis and Catrina D. Poluyanskis, lots 86-90 of block 10 in Turtle Lake Resort Plat E, $54.

US Bank to Mad Management LLC, SE NW and gov lot 2 in 29-44-6, $906.

April 13, 2021

Lisa Amber Declaration of Trust and Trustee Lisa Amber to Justin A. Blake and Lena M. Blake, SW SW in 8-40-8 and NE NE in 18-40-8, $822.

John J. Arts to Randolph T. Glick and Deborah A. Glick, gov lots 1 and 2 in 14-40-11, $102.

Joan M. Schrock Revocable Trust and Trustee Joan M. Schrock to Steven J. Finstad and Andrea C. Finstad, NE NE and NW NE in 35-40-6, and outlot 2 in Tuckaway Estates, $1,125.

April 14, 2021

Acee A. Christman Jr. and Jennifer L. Christman to Robert T. Beck and Sarrah A. Cantrell, SW SW and SE SW in 22-40-4, $108.

Glen Kimball to Christensen Family Trust 08/31/92, Trustee Douglas L. Christensen and Trustee Debra H. Christensen, SW NW and gov lot 1 in 35-40-8, $60.

Kallie R. Ecker to Angela M. Mc Guire and Kevin T. McGuire, SE NW in 16-41-11, $684.90.

April 15, 2021

Sunny Bay LLC to Hansmann’s Hideaway LLC, gov lot 2 in 14-41-8, $150.

Michael B. Sailer and Denise L. Lawrence to Randy C. Peach and Tiaya L. Peach, NE NW, NW NW, SW NW and SE NW in 36-40-8, $1,395.

Hugalu Investments LLC to Gene W. Niewoehner and Cheryl A. Niewoehner, gov lots 1 and 2 in 10-41-11, $1,920.

Paul A. Kremer to Grant R. White, unit 5 in Totem Pole Lodge Condo, $471.

Estate of Jana R. Jirak and personal representative Jane L. Gunderson to Patrick’s Produce LLC, lots 1 and 2 of block A in Dennhardt Subdivision, $225.