The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:

Dec. 15, 2021

Diane Pistas and Dean Pistas to Gateway Lodge Hotel Condominium Phase 1 Owners Association, lots 106 and 108 in Gateway Lodge Hotel Condo, $118.50

Anne J. Saenz to Janet J. Brothers, Janet J. Brown, Susan J. Gossett and Susan J. Derham, gov lot 2 in 17-40-8, $740.10

John J. Kebbekus and Cynthia A. Kebbekus to David W. Phillips, gov lot 2 in 24-41-5, $1,830

Air Enterprises LLC to Jeremy W. Barber, SW SW in 21-40-10, $120

Estate of Carol E. Sinur and pers rep Michael Jon Sinur to Allison L. Quartuccio, gov lot 3 in 9-42-10, $571.50

McElvain Family Trust, Trustee Faith Ann McElvain, Trustee Margaret Ann McElvain Melbye and Faith Ann McElvain Declaration of Trust to Timothy O. Young and Susan Callan Young, gov lot 3 in 27-42-7, $3,000

Black Bear LLC to Mike Wallensack and Deborah Miller, unit 34 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $780

Black Bear LLC to Lee A. Mueller and Julie M. Mueller, unit 21 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $779.70

Joseph James Maillette and Dara Maillette to Jonathan D. Gellings and Jillian K. Gellings, lot 1 in CSM5659; SE SW in 3-39-10; and lots 1 and 2 in CSM5304, $864

James T. Carey III and Shawn P. Carey to Clifford O’Connor, gov lot 5 in 5-40-10, $91.50

Michael J. Anderson Trust and Trustee Michael J. Anderson to Stephen M. Anderson and Kimberly J. Anderson, gov lot 8 in 26-40-5; and lots 22-24 in Gondolf, $967.50

Apa Real Estate LLC to Ludwig’s Seasonal Service LLC, NE NE and NW NE in 5-39-10, $300

Scott M. Funk and Tina M. Funk to Louis C. Dolmon and Barbara J. Dolmon, gov lot 2 in 7-40-6, $345

North Star Motel Inc. to Best 98 LLC, SW NW and NW SW in 21-40-10, $4,950

Bernard C. Klotz Family LTD Partnership to JDP Trust 06/12/19, lots 13-15 in Shunneson Subdivision, $3,750

Eugene & Darlene A. Ludwig Trust, Trustee Eugene L. Ludwig and Trustee Darlene A. Ludwig to Timmy J. Pagel, lots 2 and 3, and outlots 1 and 2 in Schmidt’s Claude Acres, $48

Thomas A. Ludwig to Timmy J. Pagel, lots 2 and 3, and outlots 1 and 2 in Schmidt’s Claude Acres, $48

Dec. 16, 2021

Plowman LLC to David Edward Eisenhauer and Heidi Ann Eisenhauer, lot 3 and outlot 2 in Tuckaway Estates, $1,377

Kathleen M. Kirk to Kyle B. Szott, gov lot 1 in 19-40-9, $390

Scott A. Lacko and Kelly O. Lacko to SR Wood-Wind Enterprises Inc., gov lot 8 and SE SW in 31-40-10, $540

Ryan A. Johnson and Daniel Gorecki to Ryan A. Johnson, SE NE in 24-40-6, $30

Boettcher Living Trust 07/18/00 and Trustee Jeanette Zimmerman to Warren W. Kmiec and Sylvia S. Kmiec, NW SE in 3-39-10, $63

Dec. 17, 2021

Gary S. Goska and Janlee R. Goska to Bradley D. Goska, gov lot 2 in 20-40-10, $315

Hartlind Outdoor LLC to Eugene Spellman, gov lot 1 in 15-43-5, $717

Joan F. Fellin Survivor’s Trust and Trustee Sarah A. Newberry to James Shaney, NW NE, SW NE and gov lot 1 in 6-40-6, $95.70

William G. Hull III to Shane T. Simons, SE SW and SW SW in 21-40-11, and NE NW and NW NW in 28-40-11, $142.50

Thomas J. Pekarske to Thomas R. Sarazin, lots 17-19 and outlots 1-3 in Willies Heights, $750

Derek G. Greatsinger and Vivianna V. Greatsinger to Dorothy B. Holtslander, lots 1 and 2 of block 3 in Perry’s CL First Addition, $402

Jeffrey L. Leichtfuss and Julie B. Leichtfuss to Brian A. Krause and Linda M. Krause, gov lot 1 in 23-42-11, $252

Black Bear LLC to Scott A. Jacobson and Natalie M. Jacobson, unit 26 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $780

Joseph J. Kwietnewski Revocable Trust, Trustee David K. Kwietnewski, Maryann M. Homan Trust and Trustee Maryann M. Homan to Michael J. Fialkowski, Amanda E. Fialkowski, Sarah Schroeder and Zachary Billings, gov lots 1 and 2 in 11-40-5, $1,174.50

Margaret M. Schoenfeld to Shawn Geier and Shanna Geier, gov lot 9 in 35-40-8, $825

Dec. 20, 2021

Black Bear LLC to Nicholas J. Bur, unit 32 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $722.70

Black Bear LLC to KA Germain Property LLC, unit 15 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $719.70

Black Bear LLC to Craig A. Stuedemann and Jamie S. Stuedemann, unit 37 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $839.70

Eugene P. Somers Trust, Trustee Scott E. Somers, Carol A. Van Houten Trust, Trustee Carol A. Somers and Trustee Carol A. Van Houten to Jerry G. Glashagel Family Trust and Trustee Charlotte G. Glashagel, gov lot 6 in 17-43-6 and NE NE in 20-43-6, $228

Patrice L. Breeland Revocable Declaration of Trust, Trustee Patrice L. Breeland and Trustee Roger E. Breeland to Plummer Lake LLC, gov lot 6 in 7-40-6, $1,230

Kurt M. Cira and Sheryl Bellman Cira to Rodney C. Gygax and Michaela Gygax, NW SW and gov lot 5 in 34-40-9, $210

Ann M. Damrow and David R. Damrow to Tyler A. Glaser and Aimee A. Glaser, gov lots 2 and 3 in 4-41-11, $2,100

Dec. 21, 2021

Gregory J. Gore and Diane J. Gore to David Ludowissi and Lizabeth Ludowissi, gov lot 9 in 29-41-12, $1,575

Joseph R. Ksioszk, POA Laverne L. Spiering and Laverne L. Spiering to Laverne L. Spiering, SE SE in 24-40-6, $95.70

Estate of William C. Schroeder, guardian Judith K. Jahns and guardian Maxine Herra to Judith K. Jahns and Maxine Herra, lots 15 and 16 in Keystone Park, $597.30

Dec. 22, 2021

Rebecca J. Prigge to Pavel Hrdlicka and Melissa J. Hrdlicka, NW SW in 29-40-8, $82.50

Janice Bole to Ross A. Bole and Cadi R. Bole, lots 1A and 2A in Northwoods Addition; and SE SW in 31-40-10, $345

William M. & Marjorie A. Martin Joint Revocable Trust, Trustee William M. Martin and Trustee Marjorie A. Martin to Stephen Spiering and Nancy Spiering, SW NE in 22-40-6, $675

Sandra Hermann Zuelke and Rick Mueller to Donna Farias and Mark Mueller, gov lot 4 in 25-41-5, $270

Steve J. Rueckl and Judy A. Rueckl to Robert J. Rose and Teresa Rose, gov lot 4 in 2-41-11, $900

Joseph Kuczala to James Scoins and Maria D. Scoins, SW NE in 16-40-10, $525

Dec. 27, 2021

Jean M. Simons and Robert G. Simons to Steven A. Caballero and Dawn M. Caballero, gov lot 3 in 2-39-10, $1,125

Carol L. Stone to Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing, gov lot 4 in 10-43-5, $600

Dan Matthew and Debra Matthews to Rockford Real Estate Deals LLC, unit 3 in Cardella’s South Bay Condo, $571.50

Shawn Bula to Shawn Bula and Patricia L. McLain, units 1, 7, 8, 14 and 15 in Wildcat Lodge Condominium, $975

Robert W. & Judith A. Luif Joint Tenancy Trust, Trustee Robert W. Luif and Trustee Judith A. Luif to Brett Eugene Barwick, Christina M. Othon and Eugene Verle Barwick, gov lot 3 in 33-41-5, $1,425

Joseph D. Kelly Trust, Trustee Theresa Kelly, Trustee Dennis Kelly and Trustee Donald Kelly to Keith G. Foegen and Lynn R. Foegen, gov lot 1 in 34-40-7, $660

Leah A. Ludin, Laura M. Peterson and Steven C. Tolfa to James E. Miller, Janyce C. Miller and James Edward Miller II, gov lot 4 in 2-41-11, $375

Black Bear LLC to Christopher D. Woods and Jill R. Woods, unit 25 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $780

GAM Irrevocable Trust 08/23/13 and Trustee Gale Ann Mac Williams to Fox Den Property Group LLC, lot 121 in Keystone Park, $609

Stan Lewis and Brook Lewis to Thomas G. Sieren and Patti A. Sieren, NW NE in 6-39-10, $699

David L. Hanke and Sam V. Mule to Donald A. Scharf Revocable Trust, SE NE in 3-39-10, $39

Susan J. Hill, Richard C. Hill, Ricky L. Stephens and Victoria E. Stephens to Keith G. Foegen and Lynn R. Foegen, gov lot 1 in 34-40-7, $750

William H. Ploetz and Joan E. Ploetz to Shawn Schnabl, lots 37 and 38 in Big Bass Addition, $1,320

Rutkowski Family LP to Kent L. Kohn and Patricia A. Kohn, lot 12 and RL1 of lot 1 in Wood Dale Trails, $90

Amy LaFriske to Duane W. Knaperek, lot 28 in Forest Acres, $495

Dec. 28, 2021

Black Bear LLC to Randy W. Furan and Antoinette A. Furan, unit 28 in Black Bear Lodge Condominium, $749.70

Jon A. Kartman and Nancy H. Dove to Mitchell T. Steingraeber and Debra L. Steingraeber, gov lot 4 in 13-39-10, $390.30

Donald B. Dixon Trust, Trustee Donald B. Dixon and Scott M. Dixon to Jeffery R. Manning and Kathleen M. Manning, gov lot 3 in 34-40-8, $690