Paramedic and director of St. Germain Ambulance, Jason Hyrczyk, and emergency medical responder (EMR) Marion Janssen attended this month’s meeting of St. Germain Women’s Club on Feb. 11. 

Janssen shared a slogan with the women’s group that she learned at a recent license recertification class. She said that “Motion is Medicine” is one of those phrases that sticks in a person’s mind.

Rescue work may involve some obvious and simple basics of patient care such as applying pressure to a wound or a splint to an extremity with a broken bone. With training and operating within the Standard of Care, the rescue team may be utilizing more sophisticated tactics such as applying leads for an electrocardiogram.

Janssen said that time however, is always in the background and is one of the most important factors in emergency medicine. The clock starts running from the moment of illness onset or accident to the time the patient is in the emergency room for definitive care by a physician.

It takes time for the page to be placed over the airwaves and time for the volunteer emergency respon­-

ders to get to the station. Time is also a factor when the rescue vehicles and/or ambulance leaves the station, and negotiates possibly slippery roads and narrow driveways.

The clock keeps ticking while the EMRs assess the patient, prepare the patient for transport, load the patient and negotiate the driveways and roads between the scene and the emergency room. 

First responders look at time and fill it with as much purposeful motion as possible because that motion is part of the medicine that helps the patient. Time is the most important thing in working to secure a good outcome for the patient, added Janssen.

Hyrczyk answered a question from one of the club members about response time. He asserted that having an ambulance in St. Germain has given the patient a 15-minute advantage over past practices.

While the ambulance service is a part of the town’s fire department budget, billing for services provided helps to lessen impact on tax bills. Revenue provided by the St. Germain Firefighter’s Association has also been important in upgrading equipment for both the fire department and the ambulance service.

Individual volunteers as well as donations are appreciated and in the past have included money as well as equipment such as the Snowbulance. 

In 2019, its first full year of operation,  the department responded to just over 300 calls.