Master gardener Kathy Kaltenbach has been asked to refurbish the St. Germain Fire and Rescue Station by the St. Germain Firefighters Association. The association will pay for plants, grasses and flowers to be put in.

Kaltenbach is part of the Master Gardeners Program in Vilas County. More than 126 people have been trained since the program began in 2010. Twenty certified master gardener volunteers now serve the county.

Master gardeners returned 989 hours of community service during 2018. The estimated worth, or value of their service based on market prices, is more than $23,736.

Kaltenbach has no shortage of tasks as she gardens around the Veterans Memorial and the fire station. She intends to remove the old mulch and a few of the nearly dead bushes and replace them with grasses and other flowering plants to beautify the memorial wall, located at the corner of highways 155 and 70.