Members of St. Germain Community United Church of Christ Thrift Shop recently presented a $235 donation to Seasons of Life Hospice facility in Woodruff.

Compassionate care of the terminally ill is provided in two ways — either at home with family or at the Seasons of Life in Woodruff. 

Ascension at Home provides care in the patient’s familiar setting of being at home with family, but when home care is not possible, Ascension is able to provide round-the-clock care at Seasons of Life in a warm, home-like environment with eight private rooms.

When residing at Seasons of Life, patients receive care from certified nursing aides and specially trained volunteers who are supervised by a registered nurse. The hospice team provides care similar to that in the patient’s own home, addressing their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs and supporting their loved ones.

Customers place cash donations in a jar situated at the checkout counter. The thrift shop is located in the St. Germain strip mall and is open everyday but Sundays from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. 

Each month a different recipient is chosen to receive the counter donations. Currently, Nick Parin, a junior at Northland Pines High School, will receive the April donation.

Parins was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma when he developed breathing problems. His treatment requires him to remain close to the clinic in Madison where he is receiving treatment that will span a three-year period.