All supervisors were present for the St. Germain Board of Supervisors’ first regular monthly meeting on April 12.

William Radostits who lives on a private road connecting to the town road No Fish Bay, came before the board Nov. 24, 2020 about  water flowing onto his property and killing his landscaping. He was advised at that time to contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). 

Radostits appeared at the April 12 meeting via Zoom and explained that he waited to contact DNR to see if there was any change after the spring thaw. He continued to maintain that excess water accumulating on his property is the result of a deterioration of uncertain origin in a low spot along No Fish Bay. 

Supervisors disagreed with Radostits that there had been a culvert which had collapsed or that the settling of No Fish Bay Road caused water to no longer seep away, thus causing it to back up across his property. 

While longtime neighbors John Vojta and Jim Swenson, cannot remember previously seeing the amount of water presently flooding the property, the board continued to point to the possibility that the home was built during a drought year and that the permitting process would not have precluded water ponding there in the future.

Supervisor Brian Cooper motioned that no further action be taken to study or alleviate the problem. Supervisor Tim Clark seconded and the motion was passed unanimously.

No action items

In light of the cost of engaging in the fiber optic cable project, a motion for taking no action on a proposal to change lighting in the hallway and rooms one through six to LED at a cost of $5,366 passed. Likewise, a no action motion was passed for going out for bids to reseal the community center, fire department, new pavilion and stripe parking areas.

Cooper argued that the board is once again doing nothing to fix or upgrade the community center. 

Ritter contended that he suggested a long time ago that the board should create a list of needed improvements and a schedule in which to accomplish them.

Supervisors also considered the need to request bids to strip and reseal the main pavilion ceiling. 

No one was able to suggest what the cost of the underside roof project would cost so supervisors voted 4-1 to seek bids.