Tim Clark
Tim Clark
As St. Germain voters head to the polls Tuesday, April 6, they will be faced with contested races for town treasurer and the town board’s Supervisor 3 seat. 

Incumbent Supervisor 3 Tim Clark is facing a challenge from Kalisa Nampel Mortag. Incumbent town treasurer Marion Janssen decided not to seek re-election, and candidates Shar­on Subel-Seegert and Jeanna Vogel are vying to fill the position. 

Election polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. Masks are mandatory.

In St. Germain candidate statements have been posted online on the town website at townofstgermain.org/voting_elections.html.

Candidates in contested races were sent News-Review candidate background information sheets  based on contact information provided by the town clerk, with candidates given a March 22 reply deadline.

Clark, Subel-Seegert and Vogel returned responses by the deadline. As of press time, no materials had been received from Mortag.

Town Chairman Tom Christensen, Supervisor 4 Jim Swenson and Town Clerk June Vogel are running unopposed for re-election.

Supervisor 3 race

Incumbent Supervisor 3 town board member Tim Clark is facing a challenge from Kalisa Nampel Mortag.

Clark, 62, has lived in St. Germain for the past 38 years, coming to the North Woods from Wau­ke­gan, Ill.

Clark and his wife, Louise, have five children.

Educated at Waukegan East High School and Chi­cago’s Coyne American Institute, Clark has owned Trollan Refrigeration, Heat­ing and Electric for the past 38 years.

In the community, Clark currently serves as president of the Vilas County Emergency Services Association and has been a member of the St. Germain Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Department for the past 38 years, 30 of which he  served as a ranking officer, including chief. 

Clark was among the town residents who formed the community’s Parks Com­mittee to improve St. Germain’s parks and Veterans Memorial without the use of taxpayer funds. He was also instrumental in forming the emergency services-driven Hot Reads comprehensive reading program at St. Germain Elementary School. The program is now known as Reading Heroes in Vilas County.

Clark’s statement: “I’m running for re-election to continue the work of the last two years and move forward with ongoing projects. St. Germain board is currently working to provide high-speed internet to residents and businesses. A grant was applied for and awarded to provide a portion of the price and lessen taxpayer costs. As a businessman who works in the community, I hear citizens’ issues. I listen to the concerns of the residents, do research on the issue and weigh the pros and cons before casting my vote. I’m not afraid to communicate the community’s needs while maintaining the budget.”

Treasurer’s race

Sharon Subel-Seegert and Jeanna Vogel are vying to fill the position being vacated by outgoing treasurer Marion Janssen. 

A resident of St. Germain for the past 24 years, 58-year-old Subel-Seegert relocated to the North Woods from Muskego in 1997.

She has two children.

A graduate of Muskego High School, Subel-Seegert has a nursing degree from the Milwaukee County Medical Complex School of Nursing.

Employed by Ascension Home Health for the past 14 years, Subel-Seegert previously worked in intensive care and cardiac care nursing in the cardiac catherization lab at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee for 10 years before logging two years as a nurse clinician at Cardiology Physician’s Group. She later worked for several private-practice physicians.

In the community, Subel-Seegert is a volunteer with the St. Germain Fire and Rescue Service, an active member of St. Germain Evangelical Free Church, and a past three-year president of the Sayner-Star Lake Lioness Club.

Subel-Seegert’s statement: “As a member of multiple service organizations, I find serving as town treasurer is another way for me to serve the community. As a parent, I find that I’m used to managing a budget, have frugal spending habits, and I watch where the money goes. I envision as the town treasurer I will work alongside the town board members. I want to help maintain our excellent way of life, ensuring it lasts well into the future. I’m anxiously looking forward to working for the town and becoming an active part of St. Germain’s future. I promise I will give it 110%!”

A resident of St. Germain for 25-plus years, Jeanna Vogel and her husband, Jimmy, have one child. St. Germain Town Clerk June Vogel is her sister-in-law.

Jeanna Vogel grew up in St. Germain, moving to the community as a child when her parents purchased a local resort.

A graduate of Northland Pines High School and Ripon College, Vogel lived in several different states before returning to the North Woods to raise her family. 

When her son was in school, Vogel served as president and treasurer on the local Parent-Teacher Association board and often volunteered her time organizing and working in the concession stands in support of various high school sports.

Vogel has more than 20 years of experience as a business consultant, with a focus on helping companies manage their health-care benefits. 

Currently employed by IBM, working full time telecommuting, Vogel has experience in budgeting and financial tracking, invoicing, project management and data analysis.

Vogel’s statement: “For many years, I’ve worked as a consultant helping companies manage employee benefits. Much of what I do every day involves analyzing data, managing budgets, and tracking financials. As treasurer, I can use this work experience to benefit the broader community. For example, last year I helped submit a grant proposal for the town. That process gave me an appreciation for those involved in local government, including people in elected positions and on town committees. They spend many hours making this town a wonderful place to live, and I hope to work with them in this new capacity moving forward.”