The Bruce Weber family, St. Germain business owners, recently donated $500 to the Bo-Boen Snowmobile Club as an incentive to keep up the good work of grooming the 100 miles of trails around the town. 

Weber expressed the hope that other business owners would take his example and make donations to the club.

Weber was one of the first members of the Bo-Boen Snowmobile Club, and said that the club name means “winter fun” in Chippewa. Weber reminisced about the early days when the 100 miles of trails were groomed with a drag pulled by two men on a snowmobile.

He said in the club’s early days, the two men were volunteers and would be on the trails five days a week so the trails would be ready for weekend riders and visitors to the town. The first groomer, an SV 300, was purchased by the club about 45 years ago and made the club the first in the state to own the machine.

The club has grown to the largest club in the state and owns three groomers and three drags. “In the ‘old days,’ it took about 80 man-hours a week to keep the trails in good shape,” Weber said.

Fifty years ago, he said, there was little to no winter tourist activity in St. Germain, which is in stark contrast to present day activity. Much of the activity today has been sustained by the snowmobile industry.

Trail Boss Jim Wendt numbered the current roster of groomer drivers at 15. Drivers are paid for their time on the trails and the club has a $135,000 annual budget.

Annual upgrades, maintenance, fuel and salaries continue to be taken care of by the club so that St. Germain can maintain its reputation of having the best trails in the state.