The Eagle River Recreation Association (ERRA) is once again asking area hockey backers to support a fundraising opportunity for the Dome through the Kraft Hockeyville USA competition.
The ERRA, a nonprofit organization, is trying to raise $740,000 to complete a renovation project at the historic Dome. A little over $500,000 has been raised.
The ERRA finished second in the Kraft Hockeyville USA contest last year and received $30,000 for rink upgrades and $10,000 in hockey equipment. 
“It’s my understanding that since we did not win the grand prize last year that we have a chance at it this year,” said Gen Hicks, who is promoting the Kraft Hockeyville USA opportunity for the ERRA.
“We currently have less than three weeks to get the word out again, post photos, add a story, and/or post a note. It takes one great story to get us in the top four again. So I’d like for as many people to take their time to write a story which consists of answering several questions about your hometown rink,” said Hicks.
If Eagle River hockey supporters can convince the judges of the rich hockey history at the Dome, the ERRA could win $150,000 to go toward repairs and an NHL preseason hockey game would be played in Eagle River. The first runner-up will receive $30,000 and the second runner-ups will receive $10,000 in rink upgrades.
“We need each and every one who loves Eagle River and its Dome to please go to,” said Hicks. “We need you to post a story, a note, a photo about the Dome. Anything will help.”
Once at the website, Hicks said click on the “Find My Rink” icon and enter Wisconsin and then the 54521 zip code. Click search and continue to Eagle River Hockey and Sports Arena (Eagle River, WI). The deadline is Feb. 29.
The Kraft Hockeyville panel will judge each story (worth 80%) and other rally activity such as notes and photos (20%). From there, the judges will pick four ice arenas to advance in the competition. The top four finalists will be announced March 22 and public voting will take place March 28-29, with the winner announced March 29. Last year, the Calumet, Mich., Colosseum placed first.
Hicks said the Dome is a special place in Eagle River and Wisconsin hockey history.
“Anyone who has set foot in this place can feel the tradition, sense of wonderment, engineering and ingenuity that went into the architecture of this magnificent stadium,” said Hicks.