Gunnar Sterne will come to Eagle River in a few weeks, and with him bring the label ‘best driver to never win the World Championship.’

Sterne, driver of the No. 220 Ski-Doo Pro-Champ and Formula III snowmobile race sled gave many a reason to believe he’ll again be one of the top picks to challenge for the World Championship title. This after winning the first Pro-Star Racing Series event on his Pro-Champ sled at the Canadian Power Tobaggan Championships in Beausejour, Manitoba over the weekend.

Four-time Derby World Champion Blaine Stephenson though won in the Pro-Formula III event meaning he’ll come to the World Championship Derby Complex looking for an unprecedented fifth straight WC title, and first on the F-III sled.

The 2022 race in Eagle River will be the first to recognize the Pro-Formula III class as the World Championship division. Only Sterne, Stephenson and Canadian Travis McDonald took F-III sleds to Winnipeg though the field at Eagle River next month will likely be larger.

The Derby Complex opened registration this week for drivers, and released a schedule of events to span weeks at the famed ice oval. One thing for certain is with the U.S./Canadian border now open, the Derby will likely see an influx of competitors for the 59th running of ice oval racing’s biggest show.

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Thoughts about Berklee

I sat at my desk Monday staring into a cold, dark, blank computer screen, and found it hard to put anything I was feeling relative to life, let alone sports, into words.

It was hard to wrap my head around the passing of Berklee Adamovich, and how a strong, passionate, loving and courageous young girl who for months and months was the heartbeat of the Eagle River community, had been taken from the Earth far too soon.

As I try each and every day to establish more of a meaning to life, each moment comes more into focus. Yet the more and more I sometimes think I understand, something so odd happens like this happens with so much gut-wrench it’s hard to think I know even one little thing about why things are the way they are.

For Berklee’s family the real fight for them begins now. Trying to even look ahead to daily tasks. Waking up, or going to bed without being stricken with pain. It’s cliche to think I can even begin to imagine. But in life sometimes all we have is cliche.

It was hard to be out and about in the community and not see Berklee’s impact on residents, students, families and friends. She had served for so long as a glimmer of hope, and will for years to come as people in their own lives deal with heartache, struggle, pain and suffering.

Berklee was for many a guiding light through what for many were their toughest times. Though she may have moved on, her memory will live. Remember to always be, #BerkleeStrong.