With the fall sports tournament season ready to start next week in volleyball and the following week in boys soccer, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA)?Board of Control ratified last week a culminating event attendance policy.

The policy was shared with the WIAA membership as follows: 

“Attendance priority considerations should be given to actual participants and coaches. Each host, when possible, is to provide the opportunity for all members of each team’s travel party (as defined in Admission Policies – Tournament Regulations) to receive paid admissions for four to five spectators, or an overall admission limited by social distancing requirements (i.e. overall attendance shall not exceed a maximum capacity while still maintaining minimum 6-foot separation spacing for individuals and/or family groups)

“Tickets must be equally distributed between participating schools. If a team does not need their full allotment of tickets, they will be made available to the opposing team(s). 

“Hosting preference will be given to those whose local health and district policy provides the ability to accommodate these parameters. If the host team is unable to meet the spectator parameters at their home facility, they may host at another facility. If no alternate location can be secured by the home team, the WIAA should be notified immediately and the event will be moved to the opposing school’s facility (or an alternate location). 

“In the event that neither team can meet the spectator requirement, the event will remain with the original host. Hosts shall consult with their local health department when determining whether or not they can meet the spectator requirements listed above.”

The WIAA?Board also provided flexibility for non-school competitions during the spring and alternate fall seasons in 2020-’21 only.

The board decided to provide COVID-19 pandemic accommodations for non-school competitions and to allow those events during the WIAA culminating events for 2020-’21 on a sport-specific basis if approved by the school. The existing rule allows student-athletes in all sports to play in two non-school events.

The board also approved the winter sports guidelines for conducting interscholastic activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. With winter sports just around the corner, it’s already time to think about how those indoor sports will be affected by the pandemic.

 But first, hopefully, area high schools will be able to complete their fall seasons in football, cross-country, boys soccer and girls volleyball.