The Three Lakes wrestling program is growing, and with the growth also continues to gain strength through not only numbers, but in results.

With the recent bolstering of the lineup that came with adding the Laona-Wabeno school district to the high school program athletes in almost every weight class have been able to see better competition in the practice room day-in and day-out, which has translated to more wins for individuals as well as the team in dual meets and larger tournaments.

Wrestling is a different sport than most. One that really not many, including me, fully understand.

It’s not flashy. Doesn’t necessarily get a lot of mainstream exposure across the same avenues as say high school hockey, football or basketball.

But make no mistake, wrestling is seemingly making a comeback, and with that will come a resurgence in many other high school sports which have seen a down-tick of some sort over the last decade.

There is not doubt that kids in general are not playing sports at the same capacity they once did.

Numbers have been falling for consecutive years as more and more non-athletic options become available for youth at ages I for one never had as a youngster. And when it comes to a sport like wrestling, which I believe calls for almost more dedication than any other high school sport, putting numbers in a positive direction amidst the world we are living in now is impressive.

High school sports aren’t getting easier. The focus to win is higher than ever before, and because of that trying to gain committed athletes is one thing, but then getting them to buy-in is a completely other obstacle.

I tip my cap to those in any youth program as they navigate these trying times attempting to keep their sport respectable and relevant. I see that task even harder in youth and high school wrestling, but it seems they’ve figured something out in Three Lakes.

Coaches within the program have expressed excitement like no other, and seem convinced that with the continued exposure for athletes at tournaments that showcase some of the top individual wrestlers in the State, it’s only a matter of time before there is another championship banner hanging in the Three Lakes gymnasium.